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[InetBib] Learning Information Literacy across the Globe (LILG 2019), DIPF, Frankfurt am Main, 10th of May 2019

Call for participation:

     Learning Information Literacy across the Globe (LILG 2019)

DIPF, Frankfurt am Main, 10th of May 2019

Your are invited to participate to the inter-disciplinary conference
between information-science, education-technology and psychology.

Registration is open and guaranteed till the end of March. It is done at
no price.

The programme is made of three keynotes:

 * Jannica Heinstrom on flow and stigma in everyday information
   mastering of youth
 * Jan Schneider on supporting the learning process with interactive
 * Stefan Dreisiebner introducing the ILO-MOOC

and eight full papers have been accepted:

 * Trudi Jacobson, Thomas Mackey and Kelsey O'Brien, Developing
   Metaliterate Citizens: Designing and Delivering Enhanced Global
   Learning Opportunities
 * Andrew Whitworth and Lee Webster, Digital and information literacy
   as discursive mapping of an information landscape
 * Angela Fessl, Sabine Barthold, Ilija Simic and Viktoria
   Pammer-Schindler, Concept and development of an Information Literacy
   Curriculum Widget
 * Shirley Chiu-Wing Wong and Johnny Yuen The InfoLit Project
   (2015-18): A collaboration among eight university libraries in Hong Kong
 * Stefan Jongen, Jaro Pichel, Frederike Vernimmen-de Jong and Harm
   Hospers, Analysing Informed Learning at Maastricht University
 * Helena Keck and Tamara Heck, Improving tagging literacy to enhance
   metadata and retrieval for open educational resources
 * Dennis Kim-Prieto, Wither Information Literacy?
 * Paul Libbrecht, Stefan Dreisiebner, Björn Buchal and Anna Polzer,
   Creating a Multilingual MOOC Content for Information Literacy: A

Registration is open on the website
https://informationliteracy.eu/conference/#registration and runs through
easychair. Please see the website for travelling advice to Frankfurt.

The conference is financed thanks to the ILO EU project which makes it
possible that the registration is free.

We look forward to meeting you in Frankfurt on May 10th!​

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.