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Re: [InetBib] Bundesweit zugängliche Pay-per-Use-Angebote


"You don't have to visit the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB),
Royal library of the Netherlands, to become a member. All
you have to do is fill in the request form for a year pass,
print it and send it together with copies of your
identification and recent address identification to the KB.
We will send you your pass and a pre-printed giro credit
slip for payment. Please use this link:

The year pass will enable you to use our "Digital Library"
in which you can search simultaneously in catalogues and
databases and find books, journals and digital resources
inside and outside the KB.

To find out which databases are available please use the
"Find Database" option in the Digital Library. You will
note that icons clarify whether a database is just
available inside the library of also outside of the library
(e.g. a little key means that the database is only
available in the KB). Every database also has an "i", when
clicked upon this will tell you more about the availability
of the database.

Because you live outside of the Netherlands there is one
restriction to your membership. This restriction can be
found in the "
Rules and regulations for the use of the library":

"Article 4 - Lending & returning

Persons not living in the Netherlands, or persons without a
permanent place of residence, may not borrow publications
for use outside the building without the permission of the
Director General".

However since your main aim seems to be using our databases
this restriction will not be of much affect to you."


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