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EU-Richtlinien Software

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

z.K: Weitere Nachrichten zu EU-Richtlinien Software aus der Liste 
"NTK now".

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

Hans J. Becker


"As we all know, those crazy deluded protesters never change
         anything. Which is was good news for the four hundred very
         sane demonstrators that went to Brussels this week to
         complain about the imminent adoption of software patents.
         While the banners - and, yes, mimes - clustered outside, the
         more besuited free software advocates nipped in to alert 
         MEPs to the freedom-crippling nature of the evil they were
         about to unleash. Whatever they said, it was enough to get
         the Europarliament to withdraw Arlene McCarthy's pro-patent
         report and postpone discussion of the topic until the JURI
         committe has reconsidered their approach. As Irish
         campaigner Ciaran O'Riordan notes, the original report only
         nipped through the committee with a 64% vote, so there's a
         chance that some MEPs can be turned around to get the 
         of software patents thrown out of Europe for good.
                                                               - boo!
                                                     - Ciaran's notes
                                                      - pick your rep"

Hans J. Becker
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