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EU-Seminar, Frankfurt Bookfair

Dear colleagues

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Of books and bytes: libraries and electronic publishing
(The EU libraries programme)
Seminar at the Frankfurt Bookfair
Thursday, 16 October 1997
14.00 - 15.30 hrs.
International Centre, Hall 9.1

The Libraries Sector of the European Commission's Telematics Applications
Programme would like to invite you to the Seminar on libraries and
electronic publishing that will take place during the Frankfurt Bookfair,
and to the Reception that will be held after the Seminar.


The seminar will focus on how libraries and electzronic publishers can work
together to benefit from the potential of electronic publishing, as well as
on the main issues  that are involved (copyright, stadards, billing etc.).
There will be a presentation of projects that are exploring new ways of
co-operation betwenn publishers and libraries, thereby creating a mutual
understanding of key issues and a co-operative platform to jointly address

Chaired by Ariane Iljon (European Commission, DGXIII/E-4)
Introduction by Arnoud de Kemp (Springer Verlag)

Presentations of projects:
BIBLINK, Linking Publishers and National Bibliographic Services, by Ross
Bourne (British Library)
EDILIBE II, Electronic Document Interchange for Libraries and Booksellers
Europe, by Phil Coles (B.H. Blackwell Ltd.)
IMPRESS, Implementation Maintenance and Promotion of the EDILIBE/EDITEUR
Stan dards Sets, by Friedemann Weigel (Otto Harrassowitz Buchhandlung und
EUROPA MMM, Remote and Online Publication of Multimedia, by Rosemary Altoft
(John Wiley & Sons)
ECUP+, European copyright user platform, by Barbara Schleihagen (EBLIDA)

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.