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Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA)

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
The whole collection of the "Physical Review" is now available online to
subscribers, from it's very beginning, in 1893!
You can now read articles by Einstein, Bohr...
Great job, and nice digitization.
Jean-Philippe Schmitt
CERN Scientific Information Service (Div. ETT-SI)
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
jean-philippe.schmitt _at__ cern.ch
phone: +41 22 76 735 08,  fax: +41 22 78 286 11
Greetings all,

The final 27,000 or so articles covering 1893-1957 were added to PROLA
moments ago. This means that PROLA is essentially complete except for a
handful of missing issues (request for paper to follow...). The search
engine covers 1893-1997 now. We will begin redoing the 1985-1996 material
to the higher standard later this month - this final phase is expected to
be completed around January 2002.


Mark Doyle
Manager, Product Development
The American Physical Society
doyle _at__ aps.org

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