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Physicians' Online (POL)

Liebe Liste,

ich habe die folgenden Ankuendigungen vor einigen Wochen als
ziemlich sensationell empfunden und reiche sie hiermit vom
Medsig-Forum auf Compuserve weiter.
Zum einen handelt es sich um die Ankuendigung, das ausgewaehlte
medizinische journals elektronisch im Volltext abrufbar sein
Zum anderen ist die internationale Praesens von POL geplant. Also
bitte schoen an die angegebene email Adresse posten, damit auch
in Deutschland der Stein ins Rollen kommt.
Auf Compuserve wurden auch datenschutzrechtliche Probleme dieses
Dienstes diskutiert. Dies ist hier nicht wiedergegeben.



#: 241825 S1/General/Profess.
    04-May-94  01:29:23
Sb: #241653-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: Alan Ross M.D. 73107,2440 (X)

We are able to offer Physicians' Online FREE to physicians because we have
support from the pharmaceutical and managed care industryies.

We do not take CD ROMS and put them online, but license various information
sources and reindex them for our system.  MEDLINE and AIDSLINE are licensed
from the National Library of Medicine.  These databases are complete. MEDLINE
66- current, etc.

We are using a new technology which allows easy access to the medical
literature without needing know Boolean methodology.  We are using Natural
Language Searching.  This technology allows the user to just enter in conept
based queries. Examples: "Treatment of mild hypertension" or "head trauma and
bicycle helmets in children".  The search results are also relevantly ranked
for easy and quick access.  This is one of the most advanced retrieval
technologies available.  We have tried to create a system for physicians which
is inexpensive and easy to use.

Let me know what you think about our searching technology.

By the way,  you can use boolean mode and MESH terms on our system if you
choose, but after you use easy search a bit I don't think you will want to.

Bill Greenberg, M.D. Senior Vice President Medical Information Technology

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#: 241826 S1/General/Profess.
    04-May-94  01:29:26
Sb: #241653-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: Alan Ross M.D. 73107,2440 (X)

I forgot to answer a few of your other points.

The medline on our system is complete. Not just the core! We don't anticipate
charging for core services but there will be surcharged services in the
future, such as CME type programs which will have charges associated with

We are currently licensing FULL text journals which will link to medline. If
an article which you are viewing has full text available you will be able to
link to the full text.  You will also have the capability to direct reference
requests to librarians (via e-mail) so they can pull and send you copies of

We are looking for suggestions from members as to what content we should make
available on the system, so if you have any ideas let me know.  We will not
offer every journal in full text (medline indexes over 3600) but a subset of


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#: 242021 S1/General/Profess.
    04-May-94  17:29:42
Sb: #241891-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: Alan Ross M.D. 73107,2440 (X)

Our service is accessed via local access number nodes which are connected to a
wide area network.  All of our databases and computers reside in Tarrytown,
N.Y.  So,  your queries are sent to Tarrytown where they are processed and the
data is sent back to you.  This is a true client server type architecture.  We
do not use CD-ROMS at all because they are slow and can't handle large user
loads.  Also, our online databases are updated in very timely manner. CD-ROMS
are outdated as soon as you get them!

QMR will be available on POL in the near future.

I am glad you find our service usefull and easy to use.


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#: 242163 S1/General/Profess.
    05-May-94  05:37:52
Sb: #242161-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: John L. Di Leo II, MD 76270,3001 (X)

You can download the install program from the medsig file download area in the
"Clinical Consulting" area.  The file name is POL.ZIP.  After downloading you
then must use PKUNZIP to unzip the file in a /temp directory and then run

Or you can e-mail member services at the following internet address via
compuserve -  members _at__ po.com.

Or you can call member services at 1-(800)-332-0009 and request an install

Or you can fax your request to 1-(914)-332-6445.

You must specify which version you want Windows or Macintosh. Macintosh won't
be available for a few more weeks.  POL.ZIP in the medsig file download area
is the Windows Version.


#: 242373 S1/General/Profess.
    06-May-94  02:00:15
Sb: #242185-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: JACQUES BERGEVIN 73542,2242 (X)

We are begining to look into sponsorship of POL in Canada, but currently can't
offer POL free in Canada.  I am sorry this wasn't clear.

We do hope that in the not to distant future POL will be available in Canada.


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#: 243262 S1/OzCIS Outbox
    09-May-94  21:33:34
Sb: #242373-**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Michael Logies 100275,177
To: Physicians' Online 71154,760

 >> We are begining to look into sponsorship of POL in Canada, but
 >> currently can't offer POL free in Canada.  I am sorry this wasn't
 >> clear.
What about germany? I am a german dentist and would be interested in searching
medline for free. If you cannot offer it for free in germany can you offer it
Do you have a german access number or can I reach you via the internet or
another net?

#: 243271 S11/Informatics
    09-May-94  22:58:17
Sb: #243262-**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: Michael Logies 100275,177

POL will be available via the internet in the near future, foreign pricing of
the service hasn't been decided yet.  The network we use also has access nodes
in Germany.  Again we haven't figured out any pricing for this type of access.
Foreign FREE service won't be available until we get foreign pharmaceutical or
govenment sponsorship. We hope that by using internet access we can keep the
costs of access down.  I will forward your name to member services who will
get back in touch when we have foreign pricing. Also, please e-mail your
platform and address to INTERNET:members _at__ po.com.

We want POL to be an international service and welcome ideas and suggestions
on how to make this come true.


#: 243013 S11/Informatics
    08-May-94  18:08:56
Fm: LISA VERONIN 73744,2462
To: Physicians' Online 71154,760 (X)

Do you offer the same service to pharmacists?



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#: 243032 S11/Informatics
    08-May-94  20:13:44
Sb: #243013-#**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: LISA VERONIN 73744,2462 (X)

Currently we don't have a service for pharmacists, but we are planning to
launch one.

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#: 243194 S11/Informatics
    09-May-94  13:43:35
Sb: #243032-**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: winifred sewell 70416,1552
To: Physicians' Online 71154,760

Dear Bill: Why do the services to pharmacists and physicians need to be
different? It's the same resource. Granted their use might be different. As a
librarian who serves both, I see no need for a "different but equal"
provision! Just quibbling! Win Sewell

#: 243270 S11/Informatics
    09-May-94  22:58:13
Sb: #243194-**FREE** MEDLINE
Fm: Physicians' Online 71154,760
To: winifred sewell 70416,1552 (X)

The issue isn't that the products on the service have to be vastly different
but the sponsorship of the service to provide it free to pharmacists would be
different. I.E. comming out of different marketing dollars!

Also,  pharmacists I am sure have specific databases that they like to use.


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