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Sixth revision of astronomy link-library

I apologize for sending this in English. Although I can read German,
and, to a very tolerant listener, speak it, my written German is
downright barbaric. However, in the hope that some of you may find
this interesting ... 

(By the way, I appreciate the spirited exchanges on this list. Most
entertaining ;-) and instructive.)

This is to announce the sixth revison, in a little less than a year,
of the astronomy link-library maintained by the Metro Toronto
Reference Library. It is, we think, certain to be useful to K12 (and
other) teachers as a rich source of Internet materials for teaching
purposes. Our site is called "Expanding Universe : a classified
search tool for amateur astronomy"

Over a hundred new subject sites have been added (general astronomy,
solar system, deep sky, and others), and many new links to
associations as well. For those unfamiliar with Expanding Universe,
the idea is to classify sites using a modified form of Dewey to
create browsable library "shelves". We expect, too, that students who
become familiar with a classified approach to information are likely
to become more efficient users of conventional libraries. As ever, we
welcome site suggestions and other helpful input. Please take a look.

Clear skies,

Wayne Daniels    

Metro Toronto Reference Library    
wdaniels _at__ gwmail.mtrl.toronto.on.ca

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