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FWD: DBV-OSI API announcement

Forwarded by Klaus Peter Hommes
From:  FDV00_04 _at__ dbf-s1.dbf.ddb.de
Mailed:  21. maj 1996 06:19
To:  Multiple recipients of list Z3950iw
Subject:       DBV-OSI API announcement

The German Library project DBV-OSI II has implemented a Z39.50 link
between several Union Catalogue systems and Information Retrieval
Centres in Germany and the Netherlands. Both Z39.50 target and origin
functionality are implemented using ANSI Z39.50 1995. Users of the
linked partner systems may now access remote databases using their
familiar user interface and query language. The users are able to
perform information search and retrieval, obtain holdings information
and download external bibliographic records. The project is proceeding
now to the support of ItemOrder and will support the ILL PDU this

The DBV-OSI partner systems are using a common API that has been
provided within the project to reduce the development effort. This API
is a UNIX   based software package with a comprehensive set of Z39.50
client and server protocol functions, communication facilities and
other utilities. It includes also a Test Tool with menu and batch mode

The current version of the API (1.8) has now beed used for
interoperability tests among the project partners for more than six
months without any problems. The package has been chosen for use in
the ONE project (OPAC Network Europe) and also in the European host
project BRIDGE as part of the European Network Information Services
(EINS). Among the interoperability test partners were at least two
using another Z39.50 API.

The current version of the API (version 1.8) supports the following:
Initialise, Search, Present and Segment, Result-Set Delete, Scan,
Resource Report, Sort, Extended Service, Close,

Update, Resource Report 1, Resource Report 2 Externals,
SUTRS, OPAC, Summary and Extended Service Task Package Record

Supported UNIX Platforms:

       SUN-Sparc Sun-Os 4.1.2, Solaris 2.4
       Hewlett Packard PA1.1, (HP-UX 9.05)
       Siemens Nixdorf (SINIX-Y 5,42)
       DEC Alpha (OSF/1)
       IBM RS6000 (AIX 3.2.5)
       Linux 1.1.47

The DBV-OSI API version 1.9 will support Item Order and ILL. In
addition, EXPLAIN and GRS.1 have been developed to be included in a
forthcoming   release together with support for Access Control,
Resource Control and DIAG.1.

The API has been developed by Satellites International Ltd. who is
also responsible for the release management. The status of the API is
Freeware. Certain use conditions apply.

The software package can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from:


or the mirror site:


For project descriptions and further details please refer to the WEB
pages of:





Technical Project Managment DBV-OSI II:

  Bernd Hergeth
  Danet Ltd.

  +49 6151 868-101


                          Satellites International Limited
  Robert Bull             Unit 3,
                          The Paddock,
  bullÉsun001.sil.com     Hambridge Road,
  +44-1635-46254           Berkshire  RG14 5TQ
                          United Kingdom

Bernd Luchner

Bernd Luchner                   Tel.: +49 69 75 66 724
Die Deutsche Bibliothek         Fax.: +49 69 75 66 709
DBV-OSI II                      email: luchnerÉdbf.ddb.de

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