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DC-8 Workshop

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

anbei finden Sie die Ankuendigung zum 8. Dublin Core
Workshop von Stu Weibel.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

J .Braun

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The 8th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop
Call for Participation
< http://www.ifla.org/udt/dc8/call.htm>

Outline of this message:

- DC-8 Dates and Venue
- Who Should Participate
- Agenda
- Registration Dates and Deadlines
- Conference Fees
- Visas and Letters of Invitation
- Travel Stipends
- Important Links  

DC-8 Dates and Venue:

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, in conjunction with the National
Library of Canada, the IFLA UDT program, and OCLC, is pleased to
announce the 8th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop, to be held: 

October 4-6, 2000

National Library of Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Who Should Participate:

Previous workshops have attracted librarians, museum informatics
specialists, archivists, digital library researchers, government
information providers, publishers, and content specialists from a
broad cross- section of sectors and disciplines.  Participants are
expected to be familiar with Dublin Core basics and should have
expertise and interest in advancing the state of Dublin Core standards
or deployment.  Representatives of other metadata initiatives or
standards interested in liaison with DCMI are also encouraged to


The 8th Dublin Core workshop affords the opportunity for
practitioners, theoreticians, systems developers and metadata
administrators to meet to discuss implementation issues, share
perspectives and experiences, and contribute to the evolution of the
standard through working group meetings and plenary discussions.  

The specifics of the agenda will be determined by a steering committee
as the workshop approaches, however major themes that will be
developed at DC 8 include: - Issues in multi-lingual metadata -
Policies and functional requirements for metadata registries -
Structured representation (eg., agent descriptions for 
  Creator, Contributor, and Publisher elements) 
- Creation and management of name authority structures 
- Extending Dublin Core metadata for Domain-specific metadata entities

Registration Dates and Deadlines:

Previous DC meetings have been by invitation, however DC-8 will be
open registration until such time as a predetermined registration
number is reached.

Registration must be completed online via the Workshop Registration
Page unless special arrangements are made with the organizers.  All
participants, whether receiving a travel stipend or not, must pay the
registration fee unless alternate arrangements have been made with the
organizers.  Preferred payment is by VISA or MasterCard, though
cheques, money orders, and bank transfers can be accommodated.  Please
note that registration is not complete until you have received
confirmation of payment from the workshop organizers.

June 1        Registration Opens 
August  1	  Deadline for application for travel subsidies 
              (mailto://dc _at__ oclc.org)
August 25	  Notification of travel subsidies by the DC Directorate
September 1	  Deadline for Registration (REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE
EARLIER IF FILLED) September 1   Deadline for receipt of Workshop fee
payment September 1	  Deadline for Workshop-affiliated hotel

Important Note: Hotel arrangements made through the workshop
registration page will be booked at the conference rate; participants
may make their own arrangements, but such reservations will be at the
normal hotel rate, which is higher.

Cancellation Policy:

September 1   Cancellation of registration (100 % refund) 
              After September 1, refunds will be prorated based 
              on whether a reserved hotel room is used by other 

Late registration:

Registrations accepted after the Registration Closing Date will be
considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to an additional
fee of $50 USD.

Visas and Letters of Invitation:

Determining specific requirements or restrictions for entry into
Canada is the responsibility of the participant. In cases where
special arrangements must be made, the Workshop organizers will
arrange for letters of invitation to be sent to appropriate embassy
officials, but such requests must be made 45 days in advance to assure
timely completion of such arrangements.

Travel Stipends:

There will be a limited amount of travel assistance available to
defray the cost of attendance for participants who would otherwise be
unable to attend. As with previous workshops, participants or their
institutions should expect to pay the majority of the costs of
attendance.  Individuals with special circumstances that mitigate in
favor of larger subsidies should contact the organizers directly with
justification for the need. 

Important Links:

- The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Home Page

- The DC-General mailing list (announcements about the workshop) 
  Subscription Instructions: 

- The DC-8 Home Page

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.