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[InetBib] New blogpost from re3data COREF: Mapping the global research data repository landscape

Dear colleagues,

The Registry of Research Data Repositories – re3data (https://www.re3data.org/) stores location information that refers to the legal address of the institutions responsible for a repository. This approach to modeling location information was chosen because repositories are virtual services, meaning that the data might not be stored on-site.

In our new blogpost, we shed a light on the specific characteristics of location information in re3data and visualize it on a map. We analyze which countries collaborate internationally to run research data repositories and describe what you should be aware of when reusing the location information in the re3data metadata.

Read more: https://coref.project.re3data.org/blog/mapping-the-global-repository-landscape

Best wishes from the re3data COREF project
Nina Weisweiler

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