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[InetBib] New blogpost from re3data COREF: Describing openness for repositories in re3data

Dear colleagues,

Openness may sound self-evident, but in fact it can mean different things, not only in relation to research data repositories. Repositories are central infrastructures for opening data. In this capacity, repositories that provide open access to research output can also be considered as "open". However, openness is more complex for repositories, because several characteristics influence a repository’s openness overall.

In our new blogpost, we investigate different levels of openness for research data repositories. Have a look to learn how the Registry of Research Data Repositories – re3data (https://www.re3data.org/) describes openness, enabling users to find suitable repositories for their data:


For more general information about the re3data service and re3data COREF project, join today’s Lightning Talk at the Force11 Conference "Discovering Trustworthy Data Repositories with re3data - the Registry of Research Data Repositories”, at 12:00 UTC: https://force2021.sched.com/event/p0o7/force11-community-presentations

The conference registration is free and still open: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/force2021-tickets-94730321943

Best wishes from the re3data COREF project
Nina Weisweiler

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