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[InetBib] #WeMissiPRES: Call for Participation - Submissions by 19th August 2020

***Apologies for cross-posting***


22,23,24 September 2020


The global digital preservation community is cordially invited to submit 
proposals for a programme of talks and presentations on 22nd, 23rd and 24th 
September - a celebration of iPRES and digital preservation.

#WeMissiPRES is online so it can facilitate contributions from around the world 
where distance might inhibit participation, or from early career professionals 
who might not normally be able to afford travel and registration fees. 

All are welcome.


#WeMissiPRES is not a conference. This invitation is generic, the proposed 
themes are expansive and the review process lightweight. There will be no 
'papers' in the formal sense and nor will there be a weighty edited volume of 
proceedings. Think of this not so much as a call for papers as an invitation to 
sustain our discussions and keep us connected, until the time is right for a 
fully-fledged conference again. It's more like a fringe festival or a coffee 
shop conversation! 




#WeMissiPRES is a collaboration and celebration of iPRES and all the digital 
preservation progress that has been made since the last gathering. To ignite 
the conversation, we have identified three themes:


*       Picking up the threads of 2019
        #WeMissiPRES falls more or less on the anniversary of iPRES in 
Amsterdam in September 2019. It has been a year which few could have 
anticipated. What has happened with all the great insights and plans we shared 
then? Themes about the role of archives in structural inequalities, the 
sociology of digital technologies and the preservation of open source 
intelligence were particularly prominent in the 2019 discussions, and a whole 
slew of projects, technologies, use cases and solutions were showcased. How 
have they fared considering the many upheavals of 2020?


*       The Best of Digital Preservation, 2020
        #WeMissiPRES gives us a chance to celebrate the best of digital 
preservation this year. That's partly about how the digital preservation 
community has responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but also the economic crises, 
the social movements, and ecological traumas of the year. The biennial 
International Digital Preservation Awards also take place in 2020, and the 
global digital preservation community is invited to participate. Despite the 
gloom and worry there's a lot to celebrate! #WeMissiPRES gives us an 
opportunity to do that.


*       Digital Preservation in 2021
        #WeMissiPRES gives us a chance to consider the near future, relating 
digital preservation to the 'new normal'. Let's face it, 2020 has been so 
disrupted that at times we've all struggled to plan to the end of the week, let 
alone to plan the long term of our digital infrastructures. This conversation 
is urgent. Will it be 'business as usual' when we get back to work? Or will the 
return to normality mean going 'back to the (unknown) future'? How do we 
capitalize on the successes we have demonstrated? What new challenges have 
arisen unseen? So we welcome reflections on actual events that have changed the 
world, and how digital preservation will have to accommodate them; and all 
other ideas about the future of digital preservation. One thing is certain, 
however: #WeMissiPRES also gives us a chance to relaunch and update plans for 
iPRES in 2021. So we will take this opportunity to give at least one small 
taste of the iPRES in 2021.


Presentations that encourage audience participation or introduce dialogue 
between two or more individuals are particularly encouraged. And we expect 
short presentations to be no more than about 10 minutes long - there will also 
be an opportunity for lightning talks. 


Read the Call for Participation in full and submit your proposal by 19th August 
2020. <https://www.dpconline.org/events/wemissipres> 


Stefan Strathmann

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Göttingen State and University Library
D-37070 Göttingen

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 (Central Library, Room 2.19)
+49 551 39-7806 (Tel.)

Papendiek 14 (Historical Building, Room 2.425)
+49 551 39-13454 (Tel.)
+49 551 39-33856 (Fax)


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