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[InetBib] OAI11: Call for Posters

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

gerne möchte ich Sie auf den „Call for Posters“ des „OAI11 – The CERN-UNIGE 
Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication" in Genf aufmerksam machen. 

Siehe: https://indico.cern.ch/event/786048/abstracts/

Viele Grüße

Heinz Pampel

PS: Mehrfachempfang bitte ich zu entschuldigen. 


We invite proposals for posters to be presented at OAI11. The posters will be 
displayed in the main atrium of the conference venue, and there will be an 
opportunity for successful poster exhibitors to present their work in a special 
conference plenary on Wednesday June 19th.

This year, we are experimenting with a different format for our poster session 
from previous OAI workshops. We are inviting you to submit a poster inspired by 
one of three themes:

Pushing the possible
Are you developing a concept, prototype or beta for a new or innovative open 
science platform, service or tool? Would you like to share your idea, gather 
feedback and collaborators and get a chance to pitch to a group of fellow open 
science enthusiasts? This poster strand is designed to showcase emerging 
possibilities and to give innovators a chance to test out their ideas with a 
supportive, informed crowd.

Making open flow
Open means available. Whether that's the 'thing' itself, or enough information 
about the thing to help others to understand it, and to find out how to access 
it, exposing and sharing information systematically is a cornerstone of open as 
a practical reality. Show us how your system, standard, technology, 
infrastructure or information resources help others to find, explore, and reuse 
open research outputs of any kind. What is your role in the global open science 

Recognition and rewards
Opening up the world of research means changing behaviours and incentives. How 
does your community or organisation encourage researchers to adopt open 
practices? How have your reward systems evolved to recognise a contribution to 
the openness of science as a first-class output in and of itself? Bring a 
poster that demonstrates your approach, and inspire others to do more to 
support open careers.

Posters will be grouped according to these themes, and we will ask poster 
presenters to work together to prepare a special 10 minute presentation on 
their theme in the poster plenary. A room will be available in the morning of 
Wednesday June 19 for volunteers from each group to prepare their presentation.

The deadline for proposals is now extended to  April 18th, and proposers will 
be notified of the review outcomes by April 30th. 

Please submit a one paragraph abstract for your poster after a quick 
Lightweight Accounts registration process (different from the conference 
registration) If your poster is accepted you should still register for the 
workshop as normal and you will be expected to pay your own expenses. Owing to 
the large demand on accommodation, we advise you to register early - you may 
cancel your registration later if your submission is not successful.

URL: https://indico.cern.ch/event/786048/abstracts/

Heinz Pampel

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