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[InetBib] Book Poverty

Gestern ist im Guardian ein Artikel zur Lage der öffentlichen Bibliotheken in 
Großbritannien erschienen.
Tom Watson, Abgeordneter der Labour party, weist darauf hin, dass in sieben 
Jahren die Buchausleihe in den britischen öffentlichen Bibliotheken um 100 Mio. 
zurückgegangen ist.
Woran liegt es? Medienwandel? Zu wenig digital literacy? Zu wenige maker spaces?
"Nick Poole, chief executive of Cilip, the library and information association, 
said there was a direct link between quality of book stock and how often they 
were borrowed: “Far from signalling reduced demand for books by the public, 
these figures show that if you slash library budgets, you reduce reading and 
all of the positive benefits that go with it. These cuts often target the 
poorest communities where people can’t afford the cost of buying books for 
themselves. Britain risks becoming a nation of library haves and have-nots.” 
Das war einmal das gelobte Land reisefreudiger deutscher Bibliothekare (heute 
abgelöst durch Skandinavien)!
"Research shows that reading is valued as sheer pleasure, an escape from stress 
and a way to increase empathy with other people. God knows we need these more 
than ever,” said Swaffield. “On top of that, reading for pleasure is the single 
most important factor in giving children success in education. (Guardian)
Man sollte also auch in Deutschland aufhören, öffentliche Bibliotheken als 
"Medienausgabestellen" zu diffamieren...
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