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[InetBib] Book scanning: Microsoft gibt auf

Vielleicht von allgemeinem Interesse der Artikel aus der New York Times von heute:
Microsoft Will Shut Down Book Search Program
Mehr dazu: http://blog.wired.com/business/2008/05/microsoft-cans.html

Rick Prelinger vom Internet Archive, das mit MS zusammengearbeitet hat:

As is often the case with announcements like this, there's good and bad news. The good news is that Microsoft is removing the restrictions that it had placed on the out-of-copyright books they paid to scan. These books will be available through the Internet Archive and the Open Library (http://openlibrary.org). The Open Library supports full-text queries. MSFT is also letting the IA keep the extensive scanning infrastructure that it partly paid to develop. Book scanning with Open Content Alliance partners that are not MSFT partners is continuing.

The bad news is that MSFT's significant support for digitization will be winding down. We are working to find funding so that we can continue, and even increase, our efforts. We would like to keep the cultural heritage that's held by the world's major libraries accessible through the public and not-for-profit sector, rather than through a small number of commercial enterprises.

I think there's a important lesson here for public and nonprofit archives and libraries. We can't rely on the commercial sector to build and maintain persistent, long-lasting collections. If we're going to fulfill our mission to preserve cultural heritage, we will have to find ways to do it within noncommercial institutions, organizations that can take a longer view without falling victim to short-term pressures.

Rick (speaking on his own, not for Internet Archive)

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