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[InetBib] Fwd: Fwd: Help to disitribute CERN vacency in Germany

** Mit Bitte um Kenntnisnahme & Weiterverbreitung **

*Von:* Jens Vigen <jens.vigen@xxxxxxx <mailto:jens.vigen@xxxxxxx>>
*Datum:* 28. August 2017 um 14:40:40 MESZ
*Betreff:* *Help to distribute CERN vacancy in Germany*

Dear German colleagues,

at CERN, an international organization based in Geneva, we have an opening for a skilled repository librarian <http://jobs.web.cern.ch/job/12657>. The application deadline is set to 17th September 2017.

Basic salaries (remuneration net of tax) are paid twelve times a year.  Assignment to a given grade is based on the level of functions of the job, as well as relevant experience, qualification and skills. For grade 4 (bachelor education), the basic entry level is 6503 CHF/month (more details available from <https://cds.cern.ch/record/2199302/files/CERN%20Employment%20Conditions%202016.pdf>).

The vacancy is for a 5-years contract.

CERN strives to recruit from all Member States <http://jobs.web.cern.ch/content/member-states>.

Best regards Jens Vigen
Head of the CERN Scientific Information Service

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