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[InetBib] Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) September 16-18 Meeting - Registration and Program Details

*** Apologies for cross-posting ***

The agenda for the PASIG Karlsruhe, September 16-18, is below. Please note that 
the Early Bird Special price of 210 euros expires on July 20! Registration and 
hotel information is listed immediately below. We suggest you make your 
registrations and hotel bookings soon in that hotel rooms are sometimes scarce 
in Karlsruhe.

We would like to thank our host, FIZ Karlsruhe, the program committee members, 
and the sponsors; Oracle, Cray Research, P&A Consult, and Preservica.

The free PASIG Storage Technology 101 one-half day sponsored by Oracle on the 
morning of September 16 and the separate Research Data Management Conference 
starting on September 15 are also accessible on the same PASIG registration 
site. Immediately below is the summary agenda followed by the detailed PASIG 

Per input from past PASIG meetings, we have built the program around panels to 
keep the flow fast-paced and interactive. We have also set up two Lightning 
Round Sessions for five minute presentation slots. Participants can request one 
of these before or at the event.

I. Registration and Accommodations

Early Bird Special (until July 20) - 210 euros
Full price - 250 euros
Single Day Ticket -140 euros
Registration: http://www.fiz-karlsruhe.de/events/

Hotel reservation portal: http://www.fiz-karlsruhe.de/events/

II. Summary Schedule of Events
(The detailed PASIG Program is below this.)

Monday: "Research Data Management - Organizational, Technical, and Legal 
Challenges" Conference
(This is a separate meeting from PASIG.)

AM: Legal Matters
AM: Organizational Challenges
PM: Best Practices
PM: Infrastructure for Data Management

Tuesday: PASIG 101 Sessions

AM: PASIG Storage Technology 101 One-half Day Oracle-sponsored Session (with 
lunch for session attendees)
PM: PASIG Digital Preservation Preservation 101
Note: The separate RADAR morning workshop is continued from the Monday Research 
Data Management Conference.

Wednesday: PASIG Day 1

AM: Research Data: Small Sciences
AM: Research Data: Big Data
PM: Lightning Talks 1
PM: Database & Business Process Preservation
PM: Conference Dinner

Thursday: PASIG Day 2

AM: Case Studies in Preservation at Scale
AM: Infrastructure to Support Preservation at Scale
PM: Audiovisual Media Preservation
PM: Lightning Talks 2
PM: PASIG Futures

Friday: No activities

III. Detailed PASIG Agenda
Tuesday, September 16   

Oracle Storage Technology 101 Session

Oracle speakers will review industry and product trends related to PASIG topics 
and Archiving infrastructures. Oracle products will be reviewed, but they will 
be put within a generalized context that should offer architectural value to 
non-Oracle users.

8:00    Introductions
9:00    Overview of Log-term Data Retention Trends - Art Pasquinelli, Global 
Storage Enablement Principal
9:25    Disk Trends - Philippe Deverchere, Storage Architect for Europe, 
Mideast, and Africa
9:50    Tape Trends - Christine Rogers, Tape Library and Archiving Product 
10:15   Break
10:35   Hierarchical Storage Mgt. and Storage Archive Manager (SAM) - Dan 
Deppen, Tiered Storage Product Manager
11:00   Tiered Storage - Donna Harland, Optimized Storage Solutions Architect
11:25   On-premise tiered storage and Cloud - Philippe Deverchere

Customer Case Study Presentations:
11:45   French National Library - Thomas Ledoux
12:00   Qatar National Library - Krishna Chowdhury
12:15   CSC Finland - Mikko Tiainen
12:30   Audience Participation and Lunch
13:30   Adjourn          

14:00-17:30 Digital Preservation 101

This session is great for new-to-PASIG attendees, but is usually attended by 
most conference attendees. It gives an update on Preservation trends, key 
projects, and PASIG.

· Welcome to PASIG
· Introduction -- Tom Cramer, Stanford
· Costing for Preservation -- Neil Beagrie, Charles Beagrie Ltd.
· System Architecture for Digital Preservation -- Neil Jefferies, Oxford
· Break
· Activities in Germany -- Armin Straube, NESTOR
· Trustworthiness of Preservation Systems - David Minor, UCSD
· Tiered Storage for Archiving Basics -- Philippe Deverchere, Oracle

Wednesday, September 17

9:00-9:15 Welcome

9:15-10:45 Research Data: Small Sciences

· Research Objects - Workflow4Ever/MyExperiment/Nano-publications (speaker to 
be confirmed)
· F1000, Methodological Publication - open data, access (speaker to be 
· Fedora 4 for Research Data - David Wilcox, Duraspace
· Longtail Data Access/Research Data Alliance (RDA) - Wolfram Horstmann, 
Göttingen University

11:15-12:45 Research Data: Big Data

· Running the Scientific Data Archive: Costs, Technologies, and Challenges - 
Jos van Wezel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/Steinbuch Centre of Computing
· EUDAT - Stéphane Coutin, CINES (tbc)
· Leveraging High Performance Computing for Preservation and Curation - David 
Minor, San Diego Supercomputer Center/UC San Diego Library


13:45-14:45 Lightning Talks 1

14:45-15:15 Cost Model - Crowd-Sourced Session

15:45-17:15 Database & Business Process Preservation

· Database Archiving in E-ARK Project - Janet Delve, U. Portsmouth
· Business Process Preservation (TIMBUS) - Angela Dappert, UK Digital 
Preservation Coalition
· Preserving Archival Records in Business Systems - Neal Fitzgerald, Queensland 
State Archives
· SIARD - Thomas Hartwig , Swiss Federal Archives

Optional TIMBUS BOF before dinner.
PASIG Dinner
Thursday, September 18 

9:00-10:30 Case Studies in Preservation at Scale

· Scalable Preservation Workflows in the SCAPE Project -- Rainer Schmidt, 
Austrian Institute of Technology 
· The National Archives on Cloud Storage and Digital Preservation -- Neil 
Beagrie, Charles Beagrie Ltd.
· Preservation as a Service - The Digital Repository of Ireland -- Sandra 
Collins, Royal Irish Academy 
· Preservica -- Mike Quinn, Preservica
· Digital Preservation Network (DPN) -- David Minor, UCSD

11:00-12:30 Infrastructure to Support Preservation at Scale

· Four-tier Computing: Linking On-Premise and Cloud Infrastructures -- Philippe 
Devechere, Oracle
· Microsoft Azure -- Alex Wade, Microsoft Research
· Arkivum Overview -- Matthew Addis, Arkivum
· Archiving Research Data in Tiered Storage -- Jason Goodman, Cray Research

13:30-15:00 Audio-visual Media Preservation

· Why Do We Need a Media Asset Management. System? -- Ernst van Velzen, Dutch 
Sound and Vision Institute
· Implementing a Large Scale Preservation System in One Year -- Nico 
Verplancke, Matthias Priem, Flemish Institute for Archiving (VIAA)
· Digital Asset Management vs. Preservation - Martin Dow , Acuity Ltd.
· PrestoCentre and Presto4U -- Bram  van der Werf, PrestoCentre

15:30-16:30 Lightning Talks 2

16:30-17:00 PASIG Futures


No activities Friday. 



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