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Re: [InetBib] Scholarship Recommender Systems & Personalization

Ulf Brefeld <brefeld@...> writes:

Subject to a close co-operation with the Zalando GmbH [1], the Knowledge 
Mining & Assessment Group [2] at
Technical University of Darmstadt is offering a

 Zalando Doctoral Scholarship on Recommender Systems and Personalization

Zalando is known for rapid growth and innovative Marketing driven by a 
young and dynamic team; behind the
scenes, it is aiming at creating the best online fashion experience. To 
that end Zalando is working on
cutting edge personalization technologies and recommendations. The 
Knowledge Mining & Assessment
Group at TU Darmstadt headed by Prof. Dr. Ulf Brefeld focuses on machine 
learning and information
retrieval. The cooperation with Zalando offers an outstanding access to 
novel problem settings and real
data at enterprise-level scales. We will collaborate closely with the 
Recommendations Group and the
Data Intelligence Team at Zalando. Regular visits at the Zalando 
Headquarters in Berlin are encouraged.

Requirements for application
Excellently qualified graduates from the disciplines of computer science, 
mathematics, statistics,
and related studies are invited to apply. Successful candidates are 
expected to possess very good
programming skills in Python (Hadoop, Java, C/C++ skills are a bonus), to 
work independently,
demonstrate their personal commitment, team and communication skills as 
well as a readiness to
cooperate. Experience in recommender systems, machine learning, and 
information retrieval and
processing methods would be appreciated.

The scholarship is granted for 36 months for completing a doctoral thesis. 
The successful candidate will
be granted 1,400 Euros per month (tax free). Women and people with 
disabilities are expressly invited to
submit their application.

The Department of Computer Science at TU Darmstadt [3] regularly ranks 
among the top in Germany. Among its
distinguishing features are its research initiative “Knowledge Discovery 
on the Web“ [4] focusing
on powerful language technology procedures, text mining, machine learning 
and scalable
infrastructures for assessing and aggregating knowledge.

Please submit your application by February 4, 2013. Applications should 
include a letter of motivation,
CV and details regarding previous scientific work, certifications of 
studies and work, including the
graduate thesis and possibly electronic publications. Applications as well 
as inquiries should be sent
to Stefanie Schmahl <schmahl@...<mailto:schmahl@...>>.

[1] http://www.zalando.de/
[2] http://www.kma.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/<https://www.informatik.tu-
[3] http://www.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/
[4] http://www.werc.tu-darmstadt.de/

Not a bad idea and opportunity by Zalando. We are also funded by Rocket, 
and you can really learn a lot in these startups and it has become a real 
talent pool. We are selling jewellry and watches online, if you are 


Have fun :)


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