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[InetBib] JISC Konferenz 2011, 14-15. Maerz

Liebe Liste,

auch wenn die Ankuendigung besonders auf Universitaeten eingeht, wird unsere 
jaehrliche Konferenz auch fuer Bibliotheken einiges zu bieten haben. Teile der 
Konferenz warden auch im Internet uebertragen, falls Sie sich einen Besuch in 
Liverpool entgehen lassen wollen.

Register now for the JISC11 conference

As we look ahead to a tough financial year in 2011-12, JISC's annual conference 
is now open for registration with a packed programme on the theme of 'financial 
challenges, digital opportunities'.

The conference is on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 March 2011 in Liverpool and will 
focus on how digital technologies can bring cost and efficiency savings to 
universities and colleges.

Vice chancellor of the University of Bristol, Professor Eric Thomas, will be 
delivering the opening keynote speech ahead of his appointment as president of 
UUK in August.

Robert Haymon-Collins, director of communications at JISC, said: "2011 is going 
to be a very difficult year for the sector.  There will be strategic issues 
within the conference but we also want to make sure that there are lots of 
pragmatic and usable actions that people can take away to improve their daily 
working life."

Watch the video of Robert's conversation at <http://bit.ly/i2cWrT>

Delegates can participate in a new preview afternoon of mini interactive 
workshops to get even more from the experience.

Professor Thomas' keynote will be followed by sessions combining strategic 
guidance on areas like digital literacy and shared services with more hands-on 
advice on topics like improving research management and student assessment.

There will be networking opportunities throughout the day and delegates can 
visit exhibition stands to find out how to make the most of JISC's own services 
and other organisations back in their home institution.

Over 950 people from the UK and around the world watched the 2010 conference 
keynotes in London streamed live over the internet. 

If you follow the conference online, you can interact with the events via the 
dedicated Twitter feed and keep up-to-date through the live microblogging, as 
well as watching the keynote speaker and selected sessions.

Join the debate using the hashtag #jisc11

Register now at http://bit.ly/hgrgzG

Beste Gruesse,
Torsten Reimer
Dr Torsten Reimer
Programme Manager (Digital Infrastructure), JISC
1st Floor Brettenham House (South)
5 Lancaster Place

tel: 0203 006 6034
email: t.reimer@xxxxxxxxxx


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