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[InetBib] JLIS.it - Sonderheft RDA

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

ein Sonderheft zu RDA ist in der italienischen Fachzeitschrift JLIS.it, Italian 
Journal of Library, Archives, and Information Science 
http://leo.cineca.it/index.php/jlis erschienen.

Vol. 7, No. 2 (2016): RDA, Resource Description and Access: The metamorphosis 
of cataloguing


The international diffusion of RDA: a wide overview on the new guidelines
Carlo Bianchini, Mauro Guerrini

RDA, or, The Long Journey of the Catalog to the Digital Age (7-24)
        Barbara B. Tillett
The Making of RDA (25-47)
        Tom Delsey
RDA e ISBD: history of a relationship (49-82)
        Elena Escolano Rodrìguez
RDA: a content standard to ensure the quality of data (83-98)
        Carlo Bianchini, Mauro Guerrini
RDA: the Emperor’s New Code (99-107)
        Michael Gorman
RDA: a critical analysis based on cataloguing theory and practice (109-162)
        Alberto Petrucciani
Cataloguing, a necessary evil: critical aspects of RDA (163-197)
        Agnese Galeffi, Lucia Sardo
Implementing RDA at the Library of Congress (199-228)
        Susan R. Morris, Beacher Wiggins
RDA as a tool for the bibliographic transition: the French position
        Françoise Leresche,     Vincent Boulet
RDA in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland – a new standard not 
only for libraries (253-278)
        Renate Behrens, Christian Aliverti, Verena Schaffner
RDA: analyses, considerations and activities by the Central Institute for the 
Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information
(ICCU) (279-298)
        Simonetta Buttò
RDA content in multiple languages (299-306)
        Judith Kuhagen
Towards an internationalization of RDA management and development (307-330)
        Gordon Dunsire
Things in the World. The integration process of archival descriptions in 
intercultural systems (331-367)
        Federico Valacchi

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