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[InetBib] Digital Preservation – The Planets Way – Arena di Serdica Hotel, Sofia 16-18 September 2009

Digital Preservation – The Planets Way – Arena di Serdica Hotel, Sofia 16-18 
September 2009Do you have substantial digital collections? Do you have a clear 
plan for how you will retain collections so they can be accessed in 2, 5, 10 
and more years’ time? Have you experienced challenges with preserving or 
accessing digital content? Are you looking for information, guidance or tools 
that make it possible to manage digital content for the long-term?
‘Digital Preservation – The Planets Way’ is a series of five three-day events 
across Europe. Each event considers the action that needs to be taken, explains 
the issues involved and introduces the Planets suite of tools and services. 
Delegates will carry out practical experiments on a sample collection to see 
how they may be able to use the technology in their institution, discuss 
preservation issues with the experts and developers of the Planets tools and 
share their experiences with colleagues in other institutions. At the event in 
Sofia, there is a special focus on the work of the Bulgarian Academy of 
Sciences and Open Society Archives. Planets and the Central European Initiative 
will host the second event at the Arena di Serdica hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria on 
Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 September. This willbe the only Planets event in 
South-Eastern Europe.  For full details, including the programme, visit the 
event page on the Planets website: 
http://www.planets-project.eu/events/sofia-2009/. For any further information, 
please e-mail trainingevents@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx closing date for 
registration: Thursday 10 September.Sofia is the ancient capital of Bulgaria 
and dates back 3000 years. The city houses ancient churches, C19 century 
Russian and Viennese architecture, utilitarian buildings of the Stalinist 
period and contemporary European boulevards, open-air cafes and bazaars. For 
more information visit: 
(Preservation and Long-Term Access through Networked Services) is a four-year 
project co-funded by the European Union under Framework Programme 6 to address 
core digital preservation challenges.  The Planets project is building 
practical tools and services to help ensure long-term access to our digital 
cultural and scientific assets. For more information about Planets or to sign 
up to our user community, please visit www.planets-project.eu.

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