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[InetBib] IFLA 2009 - Satellite Meeting: Raising a nation of readers. Call for papers (2008-12-10). -- Rome, 2009-08-19/20

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

das Goethe-Institut Rom ist Mitorganisator der Vorkonferenz "Raising a nation 
of readers" (19.8.-20.8.2009). Anbei möchten wir folgende Nachricht zur 
Kenntnis bringen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Christina Hasenau


Christina Hasenau

Direttrice Centri Informazioni Italia

Goethe-Institut Rom

Via Savoia 15

00198 Roma

Tel. 06-84400540







 Call for Papers

 Raising a Nation of Readers: Libraries as Partners in National Reading

Projects and Programmes

 IFLA Pre-Conference, Rome, August 19-20, 2009


 In connection to the World Library and Information Congress: 75th IFLA

General Conference and Council "Libraries create futures: Building

oncultural heritage", Milan, Italy, 23-27 August 2009. IFLA's Literacy

and Reading and Libraries for Children and Young Adults Sections invite

you to submit a proposal for a presentation onthe theme Raising a Nation

of Readers: Libraries as Partners in National Reading Projects and

Programmes, at the IFLA Pre-Conference to be held in Rome, Italy, August

19-20, 2009.

 The Pre-conference Venue: Auditorium del Goethe-Institut, Via Savoia

15; Rome, Italy


 Beside the key note and invited speakers, in the two days programme we

aim to have 10 presentations.

 We are particularly interested in presentations on the following topics

under three Sub-themes:

 I. Start with the youngest

   o How libraries encourage early and family literacyo Provision or

programmes and resources to promote reading for andwith the youngest

children and their parents

   o How to establish partnership with other relevant organisations and

institutions to support early literacy and reading

 II. Management Decisions and Strategies

   o What are the best strategies for nation al library associations

toprovide and/or support national reading campaigns for children

andyoung adults

   o Partnership: Why, Who, How; With what results?

   o How particular libraries could contribute to reading

initiativeprogrammes, projects; not only to increase the number of

readers butal so to improve reading capacities

   o From local networks to national projects

III. Good Practices as Building Blocks

   o Presentations of good practices in reading promotion for

childrenand young adults


 The expected audience is likely to include librarians from public and

school libraries, library associations' management, other library

professionals working on reading promotion, students and university

professors, agencies working on literacy and reading issues and other

partners of libraries in joint reading promotion programmes.


 Proposal's format

 The following should be provided:

 - The Sub-theme (I.,II.,III.)

 - Name and institution of author(s)

 - Brief biographical information of author(s)

 - Abstract of Paper (up to 500 words)

 - Language in which paper is planned to be presented

 The proposals are expected to be in English. Full paper and

presentation in any IFLA language will be accepted.


 Send your proposals by December 10, 2008 via e-mail to Gayner Eyre



 The abstracts will be reviewed by the Review Committee and 10proposals

will be selected. The RC will make every effort to have representation

from all continents. Successful proposals will be identified and

announced by January 31, 2009.

 All accepted papers will be listed in the final Pre-Conference

Programme. Therefore, a full text papers should be provided by April 15,

2009; papers should be 3-20 pages long.

 The delivery of each presentation will last 20 minutes to allow a time

for Q&A.



 IFLA Literacy and Reading Section

 IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section

 Istituzione Biblioteche del Comune di Roma

 Goethe Institut Italien

 Associazione Italiana Biblioteche



 It is the presenters' responsibility to find funding for their

participation (registration fee, travel, accommodation and associated

costs). IFLA and its Sections are not in a position to fund the

attendance at the Pre-Conference.




 Literacy and Reading Section Chair:

 Ivanka Stricevic, Ph.D.University of Zadar Library and Information

Science Department

 M. Pavlinovica bb, 23000 Zadar, Croatia

 Tel/fax +385 (0)23 311 540

 E-mail: ivanka.stricevic@xxxxxxxxxxx


 Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section Chair:

 Ingrid Bon

 Biblioservice Gelderland

 Zeelandsingel 406845 BH ARNHEM, The Netherlands

 Tel. + (31) (26) 3860233 Fax: + (31) (26) 3820019

 E-mail: ingrid.bon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 Local Organising Committee

 Chair: Letizia Tarantello

 Biblioteca Centrale per Ragazzi

 Via San Paolo Alla Regola, 160

 0186 ROME Italy

 Tel. + (39)(06)6865116 Fax + (39)(06)68801040

 Email: l.tarantello@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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