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Re: [InetBib] Google Buchsuche

I think this message is interesting. Here are the first steps taken to
connect qulity catalogues with Goggle-books and other digitalized
collections. But that is not enough, in the next step we will have
to deliver the book in the format desired by the customer. If the
customer wants to read the book throught the telephone it must
be possilbe to deliver that service.


OCLC will begin a pilot later this year to synchronize WorldCat with
interested mass digitization programs.

The objective is to increase the discoverability and access to these new
manifestations at the point of need.  As part of this automated process,
OCLC will create a digital manifestation record in WorldCat for each
digitized item, with a link to the participating host metadata page.

In addition, information will be made available to the agent to create
WorldCat.org Find-in-a-Library links on their metadata pages.

Finally, we will create a separate institution record representing the
digital copy received by the library.  If the library is preserving the
item, the process will create the record using the DLF/OCLC Registry of
Digital Master Guidelines.

More information on the process will be available on the OCLC Web site
as we draw closer to the pilot later this year.

For more information, please contact

Bill Carney
Product Manager, Business Development
Email: carneyb at oclc.org
Toll free: 800/848-5878

Klaus Graf wrote:
On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:35:54 -0500
 Thomas Krichel <krichel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Das ist ja nicht Google's Problem, sondern das der
  Wenn die sich nicht drastisch aendern, ueberleben sie

Siehe dazu auch:

Klaus Graf


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