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[InetBib] Google-Frage aus anderer Perspektive

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Herr Eversberg hat heute über die RAK-Online-Liste auf ein Dokument zur
RDA-Diskussion hingewiesen:


Was ich in der Einführung des Textes lese, passt meines Erachtens zur
Thematik Rolle der Bibliotheken in der elektronischen Informationswelt
ebenso gut wie zur RDA-Problematik im engeren Sinne:

"Libraries have lost their place as primary information providers, surpassed
by more agile (and in many cases wealthier) purveyors of digital information
delivery services. Although libraries still manage materials that are not
available elsewhere, the library's approach to user service and the user
interface is not competing successfully against services like Amazon or
Google. If libraries are to avoid further marginalization, they need to make a
fundamental change in their approach to user services. The library's
signature service, its catalog, uses rules for cataloging that are remnants of
a long departed technology: the card catalog. Modifications to the rules,
such as those proposed by the Resource Description and Access (RDA)
development effort, can only keep us rooted firmly in the 20th, if not the 19th
century. A more radical change is required that will contribute to the library
of the future, re-imagined and integrated with the chosen workflow of its

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