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[InetBib] ALA: RFID und Datenschutz

da RFID ja auch hier ein grosses Thema ist, interessiert vielleicht die Meldung 
Newsletter "American Libraries Direct" vom 12.07.06 ueber ein neues Dokument 
(27.06.06) des Intellectual Freedom Committe der American Library Association 
RFID in Bibliotheken:

RFID in Libraries: Privacy and Confidentiality Guidelines
[...] Because RFID tags may be read by unauthorized individuals using tag 
there are concerns that the improper implementation of RFID technology will 
compromise users' privacy in the library.1 Researchers have identified serious 
general concerns about the privacy implications of RFID use, and particular 
concerns about RFID use in libraries.2 Libraries implementing RFID should use 
configure the technology to maintain the privacy of library users.

The Council of the American Library Association adopted the "Resolution on 
Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology and Privacy Principles" (Appendix A) 
and requested the development of guidelines for the implementation of RFID 
technology in libraries.
Das komplette Dokument finden Sie unter

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