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[InetBib] Walking the States for Libraries

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Stuart Hamilton, ehemaliger Kollege von IFLA/FAIFE, durchquert z.Z. die USA
zu Fuß!!!
Wer ihn auf seiner Reise "virtuell begleiten" oder mehr über die Menschen,
die er unterwegs trifft erfahren möchte, kann unter www.walkingthestates.com
dabei sein.
Herzliche Grüße
Sabine Stummeyer

abine Stummeyer
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Dear colleagues - Apologies for any duplication!
Message forwarded on behalf of Stuart Hamilton, former IFLA/FAIFE
researcher. Please, share with others. 
Walking the States needs help from anyone along the way!

Walking the States for Libraries
Dear colleagues
On June 3rd  2006, myself and a friend, Dave Toolan, will be crossing the
United States on foot from the east Coast to the West. One of the main
reasons for doing this is to be the first Europeans to walk the American
Discovery trail from Cape Henloppen in Delaware to Point Reyes on the
Californian Pacific Coast, a distance of over 5000 miles. We're keeping an
online journal at www.walkingthestates.com, writing and illustrating a
travel book about their experiences and making a documentary about the trip,
and we're also raising money for the British Heart Foundation. There is
another reason for my trip however, and that lies in my background as
For the past four and half years I have worked as a researcher for the FAIFE
(Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) core activity
of IFLA (the International Federation of Library Associations). During this
time I have worked closely with ALA colleagues and have visited the US a
number of times. During my time with IFLA and FAIFE. my specialist area of
study was libraries post-9/11, all over the world but especially the US.
I've ended up coming across a lot of interesting material but have always
wished I had been able to speak to a few more people in person about what it
means to live and work in the post-PATRIOT Act USA.
During my walk I would like to remedy this. As I'm a library person I'm
inevitably going to walk into nearly every library I come across on the way*
(which you can find at www.discoverytrail.org, I'm walking by the southern
route) but I was hoping that some colleagues might be interested in getting
together for a coffee or a beer to chat about a few things relevant to the
project I'm putting together. My plan is to write a book and make a
documentary about my experiences in the US, concentrating on life after the
9/11 attacks but also looking at the stereotypes we Europeans have of
Americans, and vice versa. If anyone would like more information, or is
remotely interested in meeting up with two cheerful English blokes to talk
about this, that, or the other please feel free to contact me via email at:
I hope to hear from anyone along the way!
Stuart Hamilton
* Sjoerd Koopman, IFLA Professional Co-ordinator, has promised a donation to
the British Heart Foundation for every library postcard I collect. Cheers
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