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[InetBib] Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans

Hier eine Weiterleitung aus der IFLA Liste -
Entschuldigung für Mehrfachempfang.
Gruß C. Lux
Dear Colleagues

 IFLA members and other colleagues around the world have been shocked and
saddened by the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent
flooding in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast in the USA.  We have the
deepest sympathy for those who have lost family and friends and most
concerned for the welfare of communities and individuals who are suffering
or still in danger.  Our very best wishes and encouragement go to those who
have lost so much and to the courageous rescue workers.

At this stage it is of course necessary to focus on the evacuation of those
who have lost all and are still in danger and on providing shelter,
sustenance and comfort for all in need.  The humanitarian needs must take

But, because of the risk of further damage through mould, it is also
necessary to take urgent steps to try to safeguard documentary heritage
which may be retrievable and to begin to assess the needs of libraries,
archives and museums at the earliest possible opportunity.  American
Libraries is compiling news coverage of library impacts at
http://www.ala.org/ala/alonline/hurricanekatrinanews/katrinanews.htm . But,
as ALA President Michael Gorman  has noted (http://www.ala.org), "Since many
residents, including librarians, library students, library educators and
library workers, had evacuated the area and may not be able to return for a
few days or weeks, it may be a while before we have a full assessment of the

It is clear that it will take a considerable period to fully assess the
damage and loss and even longer to begin to rebuild damaged infrastructure
and shattered communities, including libraries and other community
resources.  A Louisiana Library Disaster Relief Fund has been established,
and monetary donations to assist school, public, and academic library
restoration efforts in Southeastern Louisiana can be sent payable to:
LLA-Disaster Relief, 421 South 4th Street, Eunice, LA  70535.  In addition,
the IFLA Relief and Development Partnership, established earlier this year,
stands ready to assist to the extent that it is able.

However, at this time, while we are still trying to comprehend the scale of
this disaster, we send our sympathy and warmest wishes to the communities in
distress and especially to colleagues in the affected regions.

Alex Byrne
Dr Alex Byrne  FALIA  FAIM
President, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
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Dr. Claudia Lux
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