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Entwurf des Statement of International Cataloguing Principles

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des ersten IFLA Meeting of Experts on an
International Cataloguing Code (IME ICC), das vom 28.- 31. Juli 2003 in der
Deutschen Bibliothek Frankfurt am Main stattgefunden hat, haben sich auf
einen Entwurf fuer das "Statement of International Cataloguing Principles"
geeinigt, der auf der Konferenz-Website unter
<http://www.ddb.de/news/ifla_conf_papers.htm>  zugaenglich ist. 
Bitte leiten Sie diese Information an Interessierte weiter und entschuldigen
Sie eventuellen Mehrfachempfang. 

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Susanne Oehlschlaeger

The Statement of Principles - commonly known as the "Paris Principles" - was
approved by the International Conference on Cataloguing Principles in 1961.
Its goal of serving as a basis for international standardization in
cataloguing has certainly been achieved: most of the cataloguing codes that
were developed worldwide since that time followed the Principles strictly or
at least to a high degree.

Over forty years later, having a common set of international cataloguing
principles has become even more desirable as cataloguers and their clients
use OPACs (Online Public Access Catalogues) around the world.  Now, at the
beginning of the 21st century, an effort has been made by IFLA to adapt the
Paris Principles to objectives that are applicable to online library
catalogues and beyond. The first of these objectives is to serve the
convenience of the users of the catalogue.

These new principles replace and broaden the Paris Principles from just
textual works to all types of materials and from just the choice and form of
entry to all aspects of the bibliographic and authority records used in
library catalogues. They build on the great cataloguing traditions of the
world, and also on the conceptual models of the IFLA documents Functional
Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) and Functional Requirements
and Numbering for Authority Records (FRANAR), which extend the Paris
Principles to the realm of subject cataloguing.

It is hoped these principles will increase the international sharing of
bibliographic and authority data and guide cataloguing rule makers in their
efforts to develop an international cataloguing code.

The draft Statement will be the foundation document for future regional
meetings of cataloguing rule makers and cataloguing experts worldwide: 2004
Buenos Aires for Latin American countries 2005 Alexandria, Egypt for the
Middle Eastern countries 2006 Seoul, Korea for Asian countries 2007 Durban,
South Africa for African countries.

Susanne Oehlschlaeger
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