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Acceptable Use Policies (fwd)

Liebe KollegInnen,
ich sende die folgende mail aus dem lande der LA gerne an sie weiter:

> From:   J E Craven[SMTP:j.e.craven _at__ uclan.ac.uk]
> Sent:   03 February 1998 
> To:     lis-link
> Subject:  Internet Use Policies/Guidelines
> I am trying to find out whether libraries are developing their own
> Internet Acceptable Use policies or guidelines for library users and
> staff.
> I have been searching the web for acceptable use policies/guidelines and
> have found that many academic institutions have regulations for use of
> the IT facilities in general, often based on the JANET Acceptable Use
> Policy.  This tends to be institution-wide rather than department (ie.
> library) specific.
> I would therefore be very interested to hear what libraries are doing -
> whether they are developing their own Internet Acceptable Use policies
> or adopting those of the Institution.  Also what non-academic libraries
> are developing regarding use of the Internet on their premises.
> Please reply directly to me .....

> Many thanks
> Jenny Craven, Researcher, CERLIM
> j.e.craven _at__ uclan.ac.uk

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