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(Weitergel.) (Fwd) VIRUS WARNING

Die nachfolgende Nachricht aus ESPORA-L, einer Liste zur spanischen 
Geschichte, ist sicherlich von allgemeinem Interesse.

Walter Werkmeister
UB Tuebingen

------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht folgt -------
Date:          Wed, 3 Apr 1996 07:50:24 CST6CDT
Reply-to:      jimb _at__ cc1.uca.edu
From:          "James W. Brodman" <jimb _at__ CC1.UCA.EDU>
Subject:       (Fwd) VIRUS WARNING
To:            Multiple recipients of list ESPORA-L < _at__ listserv.gmd.de:ESPORA-L _at__ UKANVM.BITNET>

Subject:       VIRUS WARNING

Virus warnings are often simply pranks, but, since this one appears to come
from the Naval Computer Center, I felt that it was worthwhile bringing to
your attention.

There are programs being made available on the Internet and numerous
bill-boards purporting to be a new version of the popular PKZ compression
software. The files are found with the names pkz300.exe and pkz300b.zip.
The alert message stated that PKZ Corp. verified that it has distributed
no programs with such filenames.

The files are reported to be trojan-horse types. That is, they are
self-extracting and, when run, will damage your system in some manner. In
this particular case, they are said to destroy all files on the hard disk

The Internet is a funny place, and some people, even on .mil, will
exercise great ingenuity in attempting to cause a furor. In many cases,
virus alerts are simply hoaxes, and I cannot state definitely that this
alert is authentic. I do not intend to download either pkz300.exe or
pkz300b.zip, however.


Lynn H. Nelson
Department of History
University of Kansas
Lawrence KS 66045-2030

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