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Frankf. Rundschau 1948

vielleicht moechte sich jemand der neuseelaendischen
kollegin annehmen; forgewardet aus ill-l
gerald fritz;                  <fritzg _at__ ubaclu.unibas.ch>                 
wwz-bibliothek; petersgraben 51; 4051 basel; switzerland

29 June 1995
FAX : 64 9 373 7092

Dear Colleagues

I have a patron who needs a copy of the following article by FRIDAY
7th of JULY :

The issue is not held in Australia and many US libraries do not have
the issue either (or I am unable to check their catalogues via
If anyone can SUPPLY BY FAX, I would be most grateful and we would
accept all costs.

Frankfurter Rundschau
13 May 1948 pp unknown

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