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[InetBib] Friendly Reminder: DataCite Make Data Count Webinar Series - Registrierung für erstes Webinar geöffnet

Liebe Kolleg*innen,

hiermit möchte ich Sie an die "DataCite Make Data Count Webinar Series“ 
erinnern, die nächsten Donnerstag 17:00 Uhr startet:

Make Data Count (MDC)[1] is a scholarly change initiative, made up of 
researchers and open infrastructure experts, building and advocating for 
evidence-based open data metrics. Throughout MDC’s tenure, various areas key to 
the development of research data assessment metrics have been identified. 
Please join a Spring seminar and discussion series centered around priority 
work areas, adjacent initiatives to learn from, and steps that can be taken 
immediately to drive diverse research communities towards assessment and reward 
for open data.

The first webinar titled “FORAGE: the hunt for existing data citations” will 
focus on the issue of finding and aggregating citations, how we can extend open 
citation initiatives to data, and how we can get known citations into a 
centralized open place. The webinar will take place on Mar 17, 2022, 4pm-5pm 
(UTC) including Julia Lane, Silvio Peroni, Carly Robinson, and Stephanie van de 
Sandt as speakers. Please use the following link to register for the one hour 


“EXPLORE: the need for an open classification system” is the title of the 
second webinar that will take place on April 7, 3pm-4pm (UTC), 2022 (speakers 
and agenda to be announced).

The final webinar “BEGIN: metadata for meaningful data metrics“ will be on May 
19, 3pm-4pm (UTC), 2022 (speakers and agenda to be announced).

Be part of and spread the word about this webinar series that discusses and 
demystifies the key issues and opportunities in building for open data metrics.

Viele Grüße
Paul Vierkant

[1] https://makedatacount.org/ <https://makedatacount.org/>

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