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[InetBib] [ANN] DBpedia Archivo presentation at Semantics on Sept 9

Dear all,

Exactly 1 year ago, we presented DBpedia Archivo https://archivo.dbpedia.org <https://archivo.dbpedia.org/>(paper <https://svn.aksw.org/papers/2020/semantics_archivo/public.pdf>, video <https://2020-eu.semantics.cc/dbpedia-archivo-web-scale-interface-ontology-archiving-under-consumer-oriented-aspects>) at SEMANTiCS 2020. Our initial vision was to create a fully automated, persistent Ontology Archive that serves as a backbone for the Semantic Web and brings a convenient and stable interface to ontology users. We are listing some points that we would judge as great successes and highlights of running Archivo for over a year. Read the full list on our blog <https://www.dbpedia.org/blog/dbpedia-archivo-1-year-retrospective/>.

September 9th, 2021 at 1pm CEST: In particular, we would like to invite you to the DBpedia Ontology session <https://www.dbpedia.org/events/dbpedia-day-semantics-2021/>at the DBpedia Day at SEMANTiCS 2021 <https://2021-eu.semantics.cc/>to discuss the future roadmap for Archivo as a Unified Semantic Ontology Space (USOS) and what the role of the DBpedia Ontology will be in the Semantic Web.

The session will host impulse talks with ample room for discussion. For the first time in the history of the Semantic Web, Archivo offers the possibility to create a Unified Semantic Ontology Space (USOS), a holistic view over all available ontologies. Instead of soft and fuzzy principles such as FAIR, we will discuss hard, implementable criteria to evaluate ontologies in preparation of a well-defined, measurable standard, which will ultimately yield better and reliable ontologies for industrial applications. Another topic is the central collaboration on links and mappings between ontologies to create a more dense and well-connected web of ontologies. Join the discussion and register here https://www.dbpedia.org/events/dbpedia-day-semantics-2021/ <https://www.dbpedia.org/events/dbpedia-day-semantics-2021/>.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Kind regards,

The DBpedia Association

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