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[InetBib] Zerstreuung des nicht-medizinischen Altbestands des RCP in London

Die Verkaufspläne sind aus buchgeschichtlicher Sicht ungeheuerlich.
Bitte unterzeichnen Sie die unten erwähnte Petition.

"You might know that I’m the academic supervisor of a London Arts and
Humanities Partnership-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award with the
Royal College of Physicians. It began last year, and it is based both
at the RCP and the IES. The topic is ‚Women’s Ownership of Medical
Knowledge in Tudor and Stuart England, 1485-1714’,
https://gtr.ukri.org/project/56173E46-2EB7-4A1D-855B-F5498A3620E9. With
the support of the heritage supervisor at the RCP, the PhD candidate
has initially consulted 4,000 items, roughly half of the total within
her scope. Because women’s marks of provenance were systematically
ignored during previous cataloguing drives, and are therefore
uncatalogued, the PhD candidate will require access to the physical
collections throughout the project.

The RCP pledged to support her project. However, it has now decided to
explore the sale of its historical collection, through auction. In
addition to objections that others have raised about the dissemination
of English cultural heritage and the risk to the museum and archive’s
accreditation by Arts Council England, a sale would impact upon the
RCP’s commitment to support this taxpayer-funded research project.

An open letter of protest against the sale has been signed by nearly
500 members of the RCP, echoing concerns published in media including
The Times and Apollo. If you also have concerns about the sale, please
consider joining hundreds of non-members in protest at

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Klaus Graf

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