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[InetBib] Call for Members - OPERAS Scientific Advisory Committee

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

anbei finden Sie den Call for Members für das OPERAS Scientific Advisory 
Committee (s.u.). Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, sich mit Ihrer Open-Access- und 
Open-Science-Expertise zu bewerben und so den Ausbau der europäischen 
Forschungsinfrastruktur für die Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften beratend 
mitzugestalten. Kommunikationssprache ist Englisch als Lingua franca.

Wir freuen uns über Ihre Bewerbungen und die Weiterleitung dieses Calls 
(operas-eu.org/4129) noch bis zum 25.06.2020.

Fragen beantworten gerne Pierre Mounier und Suzanne Dumouchel 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Judith Schulte

Dr. Judith Schulte
OPERAS Communication Officer
Digital Humanities Officer
Max Weber Foundation - German Humanities Institutes Abroad
Rheinallee 6, 53173 Bonn
T +49 228 37786-18 -- F +49 228 37786-19
www.operas-eu.org<http://www.operas-eu.org/> @OPERASEU

OPERAS Scientific Advisory Committee - Members

OPERAS is a dynamic and community driven Research Infrastructure supporting 
open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in the 
European Research Area. Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in 
Europe to efficiently address the scholarly communication needs of European 
researchers. OPERAS' vision is to make Open Science a reality for research and 
to achieve a scholarly communication system where knowledge produced in the SSH 
benefits researchers, academics, and students fully and widely, and where it 
also benefits the whole society across Europe and worldwide, without barriers.
OPERAS is the leading European infrastructure for scholarly communication in 
SSH and brings together partners from various European countries to strengthen 
the infrastructure for open scholarly communication and to support research in 
the Humanities and Social Sciences. OPERAS aims to coordinate efforts, align 
services, promote standards, and develop new, shared services for researchers, 
libraries and open access publishers.

The OPERAS RI (AISBL) establishes a new governance system. It is driven by an 
Executive Assembly composed of 10 members and managed by a General Assembly. To 
support the Executive Assembly by taking decisions we are seeking for 
international experts to give advice on OPERAS scientific activities, 
priorities, and services.

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will be an independent body, composed 
by 5 to 10 experts, providing advice and recommendations to the Executive 
Assembly on the ethical, scientific and technical current and future projects 
as well as OPERAS activities. For instance, OPERAS SAC will contribute in 
defining the scientific, technical, and ethical criteria for our discovery 
platform and is invited to give advice to specific issues related to resources 
harvesting and content providers and to shape the path of the infrastructures 
Be part of a dynamic, multidisciplinary and international network shaping the 
research publication structure of tomorrow! Help us to learn more about the SSH 
researchers needs and aims and help us to open the doors for Open Science for 
SSH in Europe and worldwide.
For the Scientific Advisory Committee OPERAS searches for researchers, 
publishers, librarians, engineers that are experts in one or more of the 
following topics: Social Sciences and Humanities, Scholarly Communication, Open 
Science, Digital infrastructures. The experts will have an international or 
national reputation and therefore significant experience or interest in the 
domain covered by OPERAS AISBL. Application is open to early-career as well as 
to senior professionals and researchers.  A gender balance will be sought in 
the selection of the candidates.

OPERAS offers:

  *   diverse, ambitious, and interesting tasks and topics in exchange with 
European and  international experts
  *   pleasant discussion and decision within a cooperative atmosphere
  *   the possibility to shape the future of Open Science for SSH in Europe

Travelling costs to meetings will be covered by OPERAS.

Interested international experts are invited to send to 
pierre.mounier@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:pierre.mounier@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> and 
suzanne.dumouchel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:suzanne.dumouchel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> their 
CV and a cover letter to express their motivation and skills. Members will be 
appointed for a period of four years, renewable once.

Deadline for submission: 25th of June 2020.
List of interesting expertise for OPERAS SAC:

  *   open scholarly communication in SSH
  *   digital humanities
  *   open access to research outputs
  *   open science
  *   academic publishing
  *   virtual research infrastructures
  *   open humanities
  *   citizen science
Procedure for the composition of OPERAS SAC:

  *   01/06: CfP published
  *   01/06-25/06: CfP open
  *   25/06-15/07: selection
A selection committee will be composed by members of the EA, supported by a 
member of the coordination team. The selection committee is responsible for 
ranking the top 10 candidates. The ranking will be discussed at least once with 
the entire Executive Assembly. If too many applications have been received, the 
coordinators can make a first ranking of top 20 applications in order to bring 
help to the selection committee.

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