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[InetBib] TPDL2020: Planning an online conference

Dear all,

the committee organizing TPDL2020
24th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries


With the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 crisis, the three joint conferences ADBIS, 
TPDL and EDA are going fully online. They will take place on about the same 
days that we had planned for the physical meeting in Lyon, i.e., August 25 to 
27. Conference days and talks will be shortened, as attending streaming 
presentation is tiring. The schedule will be centered around lunchtime to allow 
as many participants to attend. You may also expect an online social session!
Registration fees will be decreased accordingly and authors will receive in 
time instructions regarding presentations. Participants to the workshops, 
doctoral consortium and/or conferences not presenting a talk will be able to 
register for free.

Although not fully decided, the sessions should be composed of recorded talks 
followed by live questions/asnwers.
There are still open questions (which technology, etc.).

A positive point is that the conference will be free for anyone (except 
authors) and we could advertise (eg, towards GLAM) in order to reach a wider 


With regards
Bernhard Wirth

Bernhard Wirth
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