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[InetBib] Webinar zum Recht des Text- und Datamining am 12. März (LIBER Copyright Working Group)

Liebe Liste,

Ich möchte Sie auf ein Webinar der LIBER Copyright Working Group am 12. März 

On 12 March at 1100 CET, we have another webinar scheduled: How Can Libraries 
Support TDM? The link to register is here: 
Europe's new Copyright Directive includes a mandatory text and data mining 
(TDM) exception for non-commercial research. This opens up new opportunities 
for libraries to support researchers in this exciting new area of work.

In this webinar, organised by LIBER's Copyright & Legal Matters Working 
 two LIBER libraries will share what they are doing to help researchers access 
and analyse more content through text and data mining. After a short 
introduction to the topic from Ben White (Working Group Chair / researcher at 
the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Bournemouth 
University), Inge Van Nieuwerburgh (Scholarly Communication Coordinator at 
Ghent University Library<https://lib.ugent.be/>) will talk about the 
development of research data management services at the university and how the 
library was involved from the beginning.
Next, Alex Fenlon (Head of Copyright and Licence in Library 
Services<https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/libraries/index.aspx> at the University 
of Birmingham) will explain how a researcher's text and data mining project in 
2015 led the University of Birmingham's library to start providing services 
such as enabling access to content for mining purposes.

viele Grüße

Armin Talke

Armin Talke, LL.M.
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