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[InetBib] Call for papers LBES & ENSULIB - WLIC 2020 Dublin

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen,

hiermit leite ich den CfP der IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment
Section und der Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special
Interest Group (ENSULIB) zu Ihrer Information an Sie weiter. Wir freuen
uns auf Ihre Beteiligung!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Petra Hauke


Dear colleagues

IFLA’s *Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES) * together with
the *Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group
(ENSULIB)* invite you to *submit a proposal
for its Open Session at the 86th IFLA World Library and Information
Congress 2020 <https://2020.ifla.org/> in Dublin, Ireland, 15-21 August

*The theme**:****Something old – something new. Transforming an existing
building into a new library***


Many new libraries are being built to serve the growing needs of users.
A new library, however does not necessarily mean that it must be a new
building. This programme will focus on libraries created from existing
building and on requirements and opportunities for revitalization of an
old, derelict or abandoned building into a new library. We are looking
for experiences with the transformation of a building with a different
purpose into a library. The Programme will focus on the challenges and
opportunities of this kind of transformation and the compromises which
must be made for these transformations. The re-use of a building can
also be an opportunity for sustainability. We are looking for best
practice examples and lessons learned from all types of libraries in
historic urban environment or in rural areas. Sustainability and the
libraries impact on the environment is a key focus.

/The LBES and ENSULIB are looking for proposals that are inspiring,
thoughtful and high-quality. Specifically, we are looking to build on
the goals of the 2020 conference: Inspire, Engage, Enable and Connect by:/

·Inspire: Get inspired by a heritage building or a building in a
historic environment

·Engage the community to preserve, value and reinvent public spaces and
buildings for libraries

·Enable: Best practices how to enable a transformation of an existing
building into a library

·Enable: Building sustainable libraries through repurposing buildings
and services

·Connect an existing building with the requirements of the library users
of today and tomorrow

The deadline for proposal submissions is *21 February 2020. *Please send
your proposal to janet.fletcher@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:janet.fletcher@xxxxxxxxx> with the subject line: *WLIC 2020 LBES
call for papers*

Looking forward to hearing from you and/or meeting you in Dublin.

Regards Janet


Janet Fletcher

Secretary, LBES


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