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[InetBib] FIT4RRI Webinar "Use cases for institutional change towards responsible research & open science"

Dear colleagues,

Please feel invited to join our webinar “Use cases for institutional change 
towards responsible research & open science”: <https://bit.ly/2MTvHdX> .

This webinar is conducted in the framework of the EU-funded project FIT4RRI 
<https://www.fosteropenscience.eu/event/www.fit4rri.eu> .  It is the first of 
two sessions in which the conductors of the FIT4RRI co-creations experiments 
<https://www.fosteropenscience.eu/event/www.fit4rri.eu/experiments>  share 
experiences and insights of engaging quadruple helix actors (academia, 
industry, government and society) into the design and implementation of 
research projects. Join the webinar to learn more about how to foster 
institutional change towards responsible research & open science.

Raquel Almeida, Senior Project Manager at the Training and Qualifications Unit 
of ISQ’s R&D Department.
She will share her experience in engaging internal stakeholders from a private 
company (ISQ) in the development of an institutional RRI model.

Mary Jane Monaghan, Research Assistant at The University of Liverpool, working 
in the school of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.
She will share her experience of engaging with internal (university staff) and 
external (mainly SMEs) on the understanding of how to better embed RRI, ethics 
and science education into a research study, and innovation development.

Register now: <https://forms.gle/NVTXiGsPxiHQAAqeA>

Kind regards,
Maxie Gottschling

Maxie Gottschling

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