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[InetBib] Text & Data Mining block stories

** Apologies for cross-postings **

LIBER's Copyright & Legal Matters Working Group [1] is working with LACA [2] to gather evidence about what happens when Technical Protection Measures (TPMs) block researchers from accessing content because they have attempted Text and Data Mining.

The survey asks questions related to the type of content blocked, how the issue was solved and how long it took for access to return to business as usual.


By telling us if you or your organisation have ever been blocked from accessing a publisher's servers for reasons you believe are related to data mining, we can make the case for better Text and Data Mining.

The survey can be answered anonymously and will remain open indefinitely. Please fill it out as and when you encounter a problem, and share it with researchers interested in text and data mining.

More information at https://libereurope.eu/blog/2019/08/01/the-right-to-read-is-the-right-to-mine-but-not-when-blocked-by-technical-protection-measures/

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