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[InetBib] Digital Transformation: International Summer School vom 16.-21.09.2018 an der HdM Stuttgart

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
die Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart und das Goethe-Institut richten im 
September 2019 gemeinsam eine International Summer School aus. Und es wird auch 
2019 richtig international:  Bislang sind Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer aus 15 
verschiedenen Ländern angemeldet. Das Motto 2019 ist Digital Transformation. In 
den interaktiven Seminaren bearbeiten wir Themen wie Learning Spaces, Places of 
Commoning, Social Innovation, Smart Libraries. 

In folgenden Seminaren sind noch wenige Plätze frei:

Seminar 2: Come together! Places of commoning (16 - 18 September 2019)
Lecturer: Barbara Zoé Kiolbassa M.A. 
 Fanny Kranz M.A. 
 (ZKM Karlsruhe)

How do we 'come together' - and where? Cultural institutions and public spaces 
are being transformed by the networked societies of the digital age. In our 
participatory culture (Henry Jenkins), we learn to share and co-produce 
knowledge, embrace creativity and experiments as well as imagine new forms of 
community. What does this mean for places such as museums or libraries?In this 
workshop, we want to 'come together' and rethink spaces of learning, working, 
cultural exchange and knowledge production. Let's imagine new 'places of 
commoning': how do we spark encounters? How do spatial conditions influence 
community building? What can places of dialogue look like? Over the course of 
our three-day workshop, we'll dip into theories of space and art-based 
interventions - only to put our ideas into practice in an actual museum space. 
Let's see what our ideal 'place of commoning' will look like...

Seminar 3: Libraries helping people: Design thinking as a framework for 
librarians to bring social innovations (19 - 21 September 2019)
Lecturer: Tomáš Štefek 
 (Librarian & Service Designer)

It is not a revolution. It is innovation. Social innovation. That could mean 
almost anything that helps people to live better lives, especially those who 
need it most. It could mean designing something very new, could be also an 
already running service reframed with different, social or community 
perspective. Starting with mapping the needs and problems of people and 
communities around, so the service fits to their lives. Analyzing 
opportunities, possible users, stakeholders and competencies to build a 
win-win-win result: helping people, partners and also the library itself. 
Talking to people involved for getting new insights, team work, stroming with 
ideas for the solution, getting rid of the bad ones, making the good ones even 
better, in order to make the service most useful, sustainable, inclusive. 
Constantly asking WHY we should do this or that, coming to WHAT we could do, 
and finally getting to HOW to do it. The workshop will take you all the way 
through the service designing process, which is one of the best ways to bring 
social innovations to the light. Trying to solve the right problem first, then 
to solve it the right way, resulting in an evidence-based and user-tested 
prototype. Is it going to be a service? What kind? A space? A product? An 
activity? No one knows, because it depends on who will meet there and what we 
will find out.

Weitere Informationen und die Möglichkeit, einen Platz zu reservieren:  
Und falls Sie sich Sorgen machen sollten, Ihr Englisch wäre nicht gut genug: 
Das ist unbegründet! Sowohl die Referent/innen, als auch die anderen 
Teilnehmer/innen sind keine Muttersprachler/innen. Englisch ist nur die 
gemeinsame Arbeitssprache und das klappt erfahrungsgemäß sehr gut.

Herzliche Grüße
Cornelia Vonhof

Prof. Cornelia Vonhof
Studiengang Informationswissenschaften
Prodekanin für Weiterbildung

Hochschule der Medien 
Nobelstraße 10 | 70569 Stuttgart

0049 (0)711 8923 3165 
vonhof@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | www.hdm-stuttgart.de/bi

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