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[InetBib] The Evolving Concept of Library and its impact on Library Design - Satellite Meeting in Rome

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

anbei der Hinweis zu einer Satellit-Konferenz zur IFLA in Rom.

Mit vielen Grüßen

Ursula Arning

Dr. Ursula Arning

Open Access – dLZA – Forschungsdaten
ZB MED – Informationszentrum Lebenswissenschaften
Gleueler Str. 60
50931 Köln

Auf www.publisso.de<http://www.publisso.de/> erfahren Sie alles über Open 
Access, Open Data und wie Sie selber Open Access publizieren können.


Join us at our Satellite 
 in Rome 21-22 August 2019 when we will explore The evolving concept of 
‘library’ and its impact on library design!

This topic will form the basis of our exciting and very practical program. We 
have adopted  a multi-pronged approach with a combination of exciting keynote 
speakers, panel sessions that highlight the work of practitioners from around 
the world and a workshop session on library design that welcomes all.

Delegates will have the opportunity to consider solutions for truly  inclusive 
libraries with their professional colleagues and to share and learn from 
others’ experiences

The Satellite is being  co-hosted by four IFLA Sections: Academic and Research 
Libraries; Library Buildings and Equipment; Metropolitan Libraries; and Public 
Libraries; and will be held in the  magnificent Sala della Protomoteca on 
Rome’s Capitoline Hill.

So join us in Rome  for our Satellite meeting before you head to Athens for the 
IFLA World Library and Information Congress. 
 are now open with a special Earlybird rate offered until 15 May

We look forward to meeting you in Italy. In the interim if you have any 
questions please contact 


Mimi Calter                                   Diane Koen                        
          Corrado di Tillio                            Jan Richards
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Our thanks to Francesca Ceci for permission to use her beautiful photographs of 
Rome on this site.


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