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[InetBib] The 1st International Conference on Green Libraries - LetsGoGreen!

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen,
es ist mir eine Freude, diese Einladung zur ersten Internationalen Konferenz über Grüne Bibliotheken im November 2018 in Kroatien an Sie weiterleiten zu dürfen.
Mit den besten Grüßen
Petra Hauke


The 1st International Conference on Green Libraries

8-10 November 2018, Zagreb / Brijuni, Croatia


Green and sustainable libraries represent a newer branch of librarianship.

Their aim is to educate users and promote and popularize sustainable development,

organic food production, environmentalism, alternative energy and

green technology, architecture and innovations.

The conference will provide an opportunity for participants/librarians to encounter the latest trends

in the development of this new field and exchange experiences and examples of best practice.

The program will include talks by scientists, experts and activists

of international renown in the field of green libraries.

The key themes of multi-disciplinary expertise will be covered:

·Building a green and sustainable library – architecture, adaptation, extension

·Green collections – collection development, availability of items, educating librarians

·Libraries and digital commons – material footprint and artificial scarcity in knowledge access

·Interacting with the community – educating users, societal impact

·Green literacy and mental ecological education

·Green projects and programs – presentation, realization, evaluation

The programme of the conference will include regular and invited presentations,

poster presentations, workshops and computer simulations.

For details of abstract submission and registration see:



National and University Library in Zagreb

Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4

10000 Zagreb, CROATIA

T: +385 1 6164 129, +385 1 6164 197

F:  +385 1 6164 285

E: letsgogreen@xxxxxx <mailto:letsgogreen@xxxxxx>

W: http://letsgogreen.nsk.hr/

Dr. Petra Hauke
ENSULIB, Secretary <https://www.ifla.org/environment-sustainability-and-libraries>
Ass. Teacher, Berlin School of Library and Information Science
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
12107 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 741 59 03
Upcoming book project August, 2018:
Going Green: Implementing Sustainable Strategies in Libraries Around the World.
Buildings, Management, Programs and Services. Edited on behalf of IFLA/ENSULIB 
P. Hauke, M. Charney, and H. Sahavirta.
https://www.ibi.hu-berlin.de/de/studium/studprojekte/buchidee/bi17 <https://www.ibi.hu-berlin.de/de/studium/studprojekte/buchidee/bi17s>

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