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[InetBib] [CfP] DATA:SEARCH @ SIGIR’2018: International Workshop on Searching Data on the Web

Dear colleagues, 

please find below a recent cfp.

Call For Papers

DATA:SEARCH - International Workshop on Searching Data on the Web
In conjunction with SIGIR’2018

12th July 2018 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA



Workshop papers due: May 4, 2018
Workshop paper notifications: May 25, 2018
Camera-ready deadline for workshop papers: June 8, 2018
Workshop Day: July 12, 2018 

DATA:SEARCH’18 Overview

As more and more data becomes available on the web, searching for it becomes an 
increasingly important, timely topic. The web hosts a whole range of new data 
species, published in structured and semi-structured formats - from web markup 
using schema.org and web tables to open government data portals, knowledge 
bases such as Wikidata and scientific data repositories. Just like any other 
resources on the web, data benefits from network effects - it becomes more 
useful, and creates more value, when it is discoverable. 

The opportunities to share and establish links between different perspectives 
on search and discovery for different kinds of data are significant and can 
inform the design of a wide range of information retrieval technologies, 
including search engines, recommender systems and conversational agents. We 
will seek contributions and encourage interactions to discuss how principles, 
techniques and experiences could be applied across research fields that have so 
far mostly pursued related data search questions in isolation. We see a large 
space for discussion and future research in the development of federated data 
discovery and search technologies, which leverages the most recent advances in 
information retrieval, Semantic Web and databases, and is mindful of human 

The aim of the workshop is to be a venue to present and exchange ideas and 
experiences for discovering and searching all types of structured or 
semi-structured datasets and to discuss how concepts and lessons learned from 
academic search, entity search, digital libraries, and web search could be 
transferred to data search scenarios. This includes looking at the specifics of 
data-centric information seeking behavior, understanding interaction challenges 
in data search on the web, and analyzing the cognitive processes involved in 
the consumption of structured data by users. At the same time, we aim to 
discuss architectures and technologies for data search - including semantics 
and information retrieval for structured and semi-structured data (e.g., 
ranking algorithms and indexing), in particular in the context of decentralized 
and distributed systems such as the web. We are interested in approaches to 
analyze, characterize and discover data sources. We want to facilitate a 
discussion around data search across formats and domain-specific applications. 
We envision the workshop as a forum for researchers and practitioners from 
various disciplines to come together and discuss common challenges and identify 
synergies for joint initiatives.


DATA:SEARCH’18 will seek application-oriented papers, as well as more 
theoretical papers, position papers and empirical studies. The workshop 
proposes a multidisciplinary discussion on the following themes, with a focus 
on search and discovery of RDF, CSV, JSON and other structured and 
semi-structured data sources:

*       Analyzing behavioral traces during data search
*       Approaches to personalization and contextualization in dataset search
*       Data indexing and profiling approaches
*       Data summarization
*       Dataset representation for retrieval (standards, models, workarounds)
*       Decentralized and distributed architectures and algorithms in data 
*       Deep linking of datasets
*       Entity recognition in datasets
*       Evaluation of dataset search tools and algorithms
*       Fusing, cleaning, ranking dataset search results
*       Information seeking behavior for data (interactive data retrieval)
*       Learning to rank for data search
*       Query routing taking into account relevance, quality and profiles of 
distributed datasets
*       Retrieval models for data search
*       Scalability and performance of distributed data queries
*       Search results presentation for datasets
*       Semantic dataset search
*       Systems and user studies in data search in vertical domains, including 
transport, geospatial data, science, weather etc.
*       Usability of data portals and data discovery tools
*       User modeling for data search
*       Visual and speech interfaces to datasets


We are interested in contributions using a variety of methods. This can 
include, for example, user studies, lab experiments, system-based evaluations, 
but also experiments using gamification and crowdsourcing. 

We encourage short papers (4 pages), position papers (2 pages) as well as demo 
submissions (1 page plus online demo) . Submissions of workshop papers must be 
in English, in PDF format, and should not exceed the appropriate length 
requirements in the current ACM two-column conference format. Submissions must 
describe work that is not previously published, not accepted for publication 
elsewhere, and not currently under review elsewhere. We will follow a 
single-blind process with at least two reviewers per paper. 

Papers will be evaluated according to their significance, originality, 
technical content, style, clarity, relevance to the workshop, and likelihood of 
generating discussion. 

All papers are to be submitted via EasyChair at:


Workshop proceedings will be published online in the CEUR workshop proceedings 
publication service.


Participants should be aware that we will not be having formal presentations of 
work and instead the format will be in the form of lightning talks followed by 
roundtable discussions. 


Paul Groth, Elsevier Labs
Laura Koesten, The Open Data Institute
Philipp Mayr, GESIS - Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences
Maarten de Rijke, University of Amsterdam
Elena Simperl, University of Southampton


to be announced

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.