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[InetBib] LIBER-webinar on data literacy

12 December at 1400 CET
LIBER Webinar with the authors of The Data Librarian’s Handbook.

Robin Rice and John Southall will speak about how librarians can
support data literacy for their users and for themselves.

Robin will kick off the webinar with an overview of topics in data
literacy-related support and training: promoting data citation and
open licenses, data discovery and access methods, data formats and
standards, data handling and statistical literacy. Questions will be
raised about librarians’ role in data literacy training and how data
literate librarians need to be – to stimulate thoughts from the
audience during the interactive part of the webinar.

John will then discuss recent work on improving data literacy for
library support staff at the University of Oxford. This includes
general sessions on the principles of research data management for
library staff, and organising a series of termly data briefings. In
addition existing training has been refined to target subject and
divisional needs such as in the Medical Sciences Division. John will
give some examples of the feedback he has received on success in
developing new data-centric jobs within the Bodleian Libraries.


1212 via ZBW mediatalk

Webinare sind auch ein thema bei den eLife-vorträgen in Esslingen.
eLife wird in 2018 auch mit einer offenen Facebook-group begleitet.

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