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[InetBib] One-day conference for medical librarians in Bern, Sep 9th (Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences)

Dear Colleagues

(Apologies for cross-posting)

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences cordially invites medical librarians to 
our annual one-day conference in Bern on Friday, Sep. 9th.

The programme includes talks on three of our big topics: the national license 
for the Cochrane Library which the SAMS launched in January; search methodology 
for systematic reviews, and what librarians are able to contribute to it; and 
recent progress in the field of Open Science.

The whole afternoon will then be given over to a topic of great concern to the 
profession as a whole, but also to each of us personally: our professional 
education. While a lucky few of us may have been introduced to systematic 
literature searching, or critical appraisal, through an induction scheme as 
some medical libraries in the UK or Scandinavia offer, most of us have been 
left to our own devices. So, is there a need for a postgrad degree course in 
'Medical Librarianship'? What knowledge and skills would such a course have to 
cover? And in which format could it be delivered?

For details and to register, please see 
http://www.samw.ch/de/Aktuell/Agenda.html?p=00. There is no registration fee.

Kind regards

Gerhard Bissels
Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Fachbereichsbibliothek Bühlplatz
Universität Bern
Fachbereichsbibliothek Bühlplatz
Baltzerstrasse 4
3012 Bern

+41 (0)31 631 49 47

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.