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[InetBib] KU/OAPEN Press Release: Google Scholar Indexes Open Access Books

Dear Inetbib Members,

Please find today¹s full press release here:

Google Scholar Indexes Open Access Books

The length of monographs and their level of treatment pose unique challenges
in a search environment. Monographs generally describe mature work unlike
journal articles, which usually describe early stage work. As a result, it
can be hard to achieve a successful search experience for restricted access
monographs, according to Anurag Acharya of Google Scholar.

After asking Acharya (co-founder of Google Scholar) why Google Scholar did
not index monographs, Frances Pinter of Knowledge Unlatched (KU) says, ³I
realized that such challenges fall by the wayside with Open Access books.²

Pinter explained that the dataset of 28 books from the KU Pilot was likely
to be too small for Google to try out on open books. ³So I told Anurag
Acharya about OAPEN¹s platform and its nearly 2,500 Open Access books,² says

OAPEN and Knowledge Unlatched are pleased to announce that Google Scholar is
now able to index Open Access books hosted by OAPEN.

Best regards,


Christina Emery

Partnership Manager | Knowledge Unlatched

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