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[InetBib] Invitation for registration for International UDC Seminar 2015

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

Dear colleagues

=== Early Bird Registration ===

The International UDC Seminar entitled "Classification & Authority Control: 
Expanding Resource Discovery" will take place in The National Library of 
Portugal in Lisbon, on 29-30 October 2015.

Conference website: http://seminar.udcc.org/2015 <http://seminar.udcc.org/2015>.
Contact: seminar2015@xxxxxxxx <mailto:seminar2015@xxxxxxxx>

Linked data practices and techniques have opened new possibilities in 
exploiting controlled vocabularies and improving resource discovery. Authority 
data held in library systems often includes classification schemes. These 
knowledge structures now have the potential for being shared across the linked 
data environment. The objective of this conference is to explore such 
potential, expanding the value and use of classification as an authority 
controlled vocabulary, from a local perspective to the global environment.

The conference will be opened by Emer. Prof. Michael Buckland, well-known 
expert in the history and theory of documentation and bibliographic access.
The topic of authority control, subject authority control and subject access in 
various contexts will be discussed by a series of eminent speakers speakers 
including Barbara Tillett, Dagobert Soergel, Rebecca Green, Maja Zumer, Marcia 
Zeng, Nuno Freire, Andrea Scharnhorst, Maria Ines Cordeiro, Koraljka Golub, 
Claudio Gnoli.

To learn more about conference programme and to register go to the conference 
website http://seminar.udcc.org/2015 <http://seminar.udcc.org/2015>

Early bird registration opened on 12 June 2015:
€200 early bird fee, students €160 (to 31 July)
€250 regular fee, students €210 (closes 20 October)

About the organizer: Classification & Authority Control is the fifth biennial 
conference in a series of International UDC Seminars organized by the Universal 
Decimal Classification Consortium (UDC Consortium). UDCC is not-for-profit 
organization, based in The Hague, established to maintain and distribute the 
UDC and to support its use and development (http://www.udcc.org 
<http://www.udcc.org/>). UDC is one of the most widely used knowledge 
organization systems in the bibliographic domain.


Dr Aida Slavic
Editor-in-Chief UDC
Email: aida.slavic@xxxxxxxx <mailto:aida.slavic@xxxxxxxx>
UDC Consortium
PO Box 90407
2509 LK The Hague
The Netherlands
Web: http://www.udcc.org <http://www.udcc.org/>
Email: mail@xxxxxxxx <mailto:mail@xxxxxxxx>
* International UDC Seminar 2015: Classification and Authority Control -  
http://seminar.udcc.org/2015/ <http://seminar.udcc.org/2015/>
* UDC Online English:  http://www.udc-hub.com/index.php 
* UDC Online Nederlands: http://nl.udc-hub.com/nl/login.php 
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The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is the world's foremost multilingual 
classification scheme for all fields of knowledge, a sophisticated indexing and 
retrieval tool


Freundliche Grüsse

Best regards

Jiri Pika

Alumni ETH Zürich 

UDC Editorial Team, UDC Consortium

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