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[InetBib] ALTO Editorial Board announces the Release of ALTO Schema Version 2.1


The ALTO XML Editorial Board is pleased to announce that ALTO schema version 
2.1 is now available for public use. The released schema can be found at 
http://www.loc.gov/standards/alto and on Github at https://github.com/altoxml. 
You will find a document describing the changes as well as a document 
illustrating use cases on Github. Comments about the schema and its 
documentation as well as additional use cases for the new schema features are 

Summary of changes from ALTO schema version 2.1: 

*       Page and BlockType element HEIGHT, WIDTH, HPOS, VPOS attribute types 
changed to xsd:float from xsd:int.
*       CircleType HPOS, VPOS and RADIUS attribute type definitions added as 
xsd:float and made mandatory. Element annotation clarified.
*       EllipseType HPOS,VPOS,HLENGTH and VLENGTH attribute type definitions 
added as xsd:float and made mandatory. Element annotation clarified.
*       MeasurementUnit defined as mandatory and element annotation clarified.
*       HYP element's CONTENT attribute type definition added as xsd:string.
*       CS attribute added to String and Block
*       LANG attribute added to String, TextLine and TextBlock. Former 
“language” attribute in TextBlock deprecated.
*       Tags (LayoutTag / StructureTag / RoleTag / NamedEntityTag / OtherTag) 
added to allow for tagging content. TAGREFS attribute added to BlockTypes, 
TextLine and String

Full documentation can be found on GitHup at:

Use case samples for the new tag element provided at:


Best regards,
The ALTO Editorial Board

Joachim Bauer
Markus Enders
Brian Geiger
Jukka Kervinen
Evelien Ket
Kia Siang Hock
Jean-Philippe Moreux
Nate Trail
Frederick Zarndt



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