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[InetBib] OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting 2014 versandt durch SUB Göttingen

Registration to the OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting 
2014<http://www.oclc.org/en-europe/events/EMEARC.html> in Cape Town is now open.
Join us on a journey into the future of libraries, in a city whose charms, even 
the majestic Table Mountain cannot overshadow.  On 24 and 25 February 2014, 
librarians from nearly 30 countries are expected to attend for two full days of 
thought leadership and lively discussion, focussing on the twinned roles of 
collaboration and innovation in today's global library community.  And, the 
event is free to attend.
On behalf of OCLC EMEA Regional Council, we welcome you to beautiful Cape Town 
in 2014.
Robert Moropa
Chair, OCLC EMEA Regional Council
Five great reasons why you should attend:

1.       Described by Spectator Magazine as "the wizard of the web", our 
opening keynote speaker is Charles Leadbeater, an influential technologist and 
policy advisor, whose video We-Think has attracted more than 300,000 views on 
YouTube.  Charles will preview some key thinking from his forthcoming title The 
Frugal Innovator, and apply it directly to the world of libraries.

2.       We will be joined at the Meeting for the first time, by the new 
President and CEO of OCLC, Skip Prichard.  Skip will also keynote, reflecting 
on OCLC's history before looking towards what the future will hold under his 
leadership.  There will be multiple opportunities throughout the two days for 
members to meet and engage with OCLC leadership, who make it their priority to 
be at these Meetings.

3.       This year the Meeting will be bigger than ever before, with a full 
two-day programme, packed with breakout talks as well as keynote sessions.  The 
EMEA Regional Council Executive Committee, set itself the challenge from the 
very beginning to run a Meeting that was by members, for members.  And now, at 
our fifth gathering, we can see that mission being realised.  More librarians 
than ever, will be talking about innovation, collaboration and how their 
communities are working together with OCLC to achieve great things.  And OCLC 
will provide insight into its strategic direction, research and advocacy 

4.       The programme also contains ample opportunity for you to find out what 
is going on with WorldShare Management Services, as well as our other 
cooperative services.  Since the last OCLC EMEA Regional Council Meeting, more 
libraries have joined and want to share their experiences with the community.

5.       Last but not least, the Meeting offers an unmissable programme of 
enrichment visits to expand awareness and knowledge of the international 
cultural landscape.  Conference participants can join us on a trip to Robben 
Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for twenty-seven years, and which 
is now a national heritage site.  The University of Cape Town will be welcoming 
us for an evening tour of the campus and library followed by a reception, and 
delegates can also visit The Centre for the Book, an outreach unit of the 
National Library of South Africa.  We've also planned a full-day excursion to 
both Stellenbosch University and the nearby Delheim Wine Farm.  All of these 
excursions are optional extras to the Meeting, and are going to be booked on a 
first come, first served basis, with restrictions on numbers, so early 
registration is a must!

Assistance and Secretariat

Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen
Goettingen State and University Library
Platz der Goettinger Sieben 1
D-37070 Goettingen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1 (Zentralbibliothek, Room 3.08)
+49 551 39-14494 / +49 551 39-5212 (Tel.)
+49 551 39 5222 (Fax)


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